Trading wars impact


I thought they were the only country that’d allow us to maintain a military base, so that’s why we are there. There’s no way Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or any other country in that area is going to allow us to have a base. They definitely abuse the relationship though.


They have trapped and killed US Citizen who is writing about what is happening in Saudi Arabia.

Why would a country president (so called Patriot Republican president) support a kingdom who openly kills any of its Citizens. Is he really Patriotic?

He needed some documents from Saudi Consulate/New york for his marriage. The new York consulate head (brother of Price) asked him to go Turkey consulate to get documents (based on prince secret talks).

When he landed, Prince sends 17 member military team to kill him inside consulate.

Read the entire article/post.


Just a technicality. I don’t think he was a US citizen. He was a US resident. with a green card.


Since Mecca and Madina are there, every sect/country is claiming to capture it. Saudi Kingdom kept - for more than 20 years - US troops so that no one can touch them.

US troops withdrawal means king+family death. The only way for them to go is Russia Support or UK support. Both parties are harder to deal as US is gentle in nature.

This is main reason, Bin Laden group detonated powerful bomb at US Barrack at Khobar that killed 18 US soldiers.

The unfortunate part is that Prince, novice young person at 30s, plotted this trick and killed him. It will not easy for him to get out of the mess as “US people hate killing without any Trial”.

Many businesses, like google and Amazon, boycott the financial conference prince held recently as they are not secured now. German stopped arms supply…etc many worldwide reaction over this.


There are plenty of ways prince would have handled with some secret mercenaries, but this one is openly - provable level - murder, that too media person in USA.

Almost all media are against Trump except fox.

Second, Trump’s Son-in-law is friend of Prince ! This complicates issue for Trump.

Anyway, matter will settle after some time, people will forget it.

If someone reads entire Washington post, no one will like that.


Clearly the killing was pre planned as people and equipment was sent before and the guy was asked to come back on the scheduled day after everyone has arrived with their gear.

I am still confused what was the need to kill the guy in the embassy. Pure dimwit act. The only reasoning is that may be the prince thought that no one will know. They would let a body double roam around and show that he left the embassy. No one can imagine a killing in an embassy, so they will get benefit of doubt.

If Turkey would not have called it out, no one would have known any better.


He only hates the low end poor Muslim refugees. The high end ones like Saudis he does like.


Yeah, now I understand why less pressure. Trump himself said “He is not a citizen”. However, he has some times with US strategical services (Now, I understand why CIA involved).

Jamal Khashoggi was the nephew of the high-profile Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, known for his part in the Iran–Contra scandal, who was estimated to have had a net worth of US$4 billion in the early 1980s.


Media has made him more important than US citizen. Many people thought he is a US citizen.

It’s more a royal family fight, nothing to do with US interest. Hundreds of people are missing in Paradise, CA. Media should be reporting more on wildfire deaths.

He is a Saudi citizen, no green card. He was close to Bin Laden. He fled to US only a year ago after his friends lost power in Saudi. He was killed due to “betrayal” of his royal friends.

His grandpa was personal physician to King Abdulaziz Al Saud, the founder of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.[15]

His cousin was dating Princess Diana before she died.

Adnan Khashoggi had claimed that his own grandfather was of Jewish descent.[20]Khashoggi was the first cousin of Dodi Fayed, who was dating Diana, Princess of Wales, when the two were killed in a car crash in Paris.[21]


Many people do think he was a US citizen.


That’s media’s paint job. They just continuously report on Trump’s response, under report or ignore subject’s citizenship, many people would be influenced unconsciously. That’s how they operate when they work legally.

Sometimes they would hide important news or facts in some obacure places but highlight inaccurate or trivial stuff and repeat continuously. Media is definitely biased, it’s very obvious.

However it’s questionable how effective media’s tactics can work over the very long term.



US farmers letting crops rot as storage costs rise due to China trade war | TheHill


50% of food grown in the US ends up in landfills producing methane. It’s way more of a greenhouse gas cause than cars.


Any creative guys able to exploit the nearly free grains? Make them into grain juice? Can we just eat grain for now and no meat? Too much food in USA, not enough food in China? What are the China people eating now?


Many part of the world have a food shortage. Maybe American consumers need to demand high quality and low yield food. How about no genetically modified food?

The price is so low for food. We need to be more selective and make food as expensive as Europe.

Better and more expensive food will make us healthier. The savings from reduced healthcare cost and savings from environmental burden would be welcome.


Any1 here know how to make look-alike meat from grain? Could be a good business.


Maybe because of the 4 projects he started there?

Or, because the coward Obama never said “radical Muslims”.

Oh, wait! Who was the president that went there, danced with Muslims, but never mentioned “radical Muslims”? Another coward president!



Across the United States, grain farmers are plowing under crops, leaving them to rot or piling them on the ground, in hopes of better prices next year, according to interviews with more than two dozen farmers, academic researchers and farm lenders. It’s one of the results, they say, of a U.S. trade war with China that has sharply hurt export demand and swamped storage facilities with excess grain.

In Louisiana, up to 15 percent of the oilseed crop is being plowed under or is too damaged to market, according to data analyzed by Louisiana State University staff. Crops are going to waste in parts of Mississippi and Arkansas. Grain piles, dusted by snow, sit on the ground in North and South Dakota. And in Illinois and Indiana, some farmers are struggling to protect silo bags stuffed with crops from animals.


We have a huge surplus of food. Give away tons in food stamps. Yet liberals keep saying we have starvation in America. Fake news.


We have red commies in government giving away $ for free to the once rich farmers now becoming peasants, broke, working for free. They allege some damage was done by the liar in chief spouting nonsense in a daily basis. Stinks to Socialism, isn’t it? Destroying the rich, so they can become dependent on government. :sweat_smile::rofl::joy::grin:

They call themselves republicans. They are cutting food stamps for the poor, while giving themselves subsidies since some of them are farmers.

Reagan must be rolling over down there. How could he reconcile his patriotism fighting the Reds against the Gone Old Poop party kissing anything Russian.

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