Training more AI Engineers / Experts

What time does class start?


James Damore

Ng left Baidu recently. What’s he up to nowadays?

I saw him sharing some AI & Self-Driving car on his Facebook from this site. Seems like he was secretive about his new project, but glimpse with this new course.

Ng is very accomplished and yet very down to earth. Great guy.

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His wife is the CEO of a self-driving company Maybe he’s joining there? It would be awkward for him to join a competitor of


Yea, this was one of their demo video and I am excited:

Does fit into existing cars? I remember there’s a company that can slot into existing gas cars. Don’t remember the name.

See, that is what I was thinking someone should do. Let’s say you have a 69 Camaro but you want to make it electric (yes, not talking resale here). A company comes in and fits in everything to make your gas driven car a battery driven car. No more ugly Priuses…

The standard route into these jobs has been a phd in computer science from one of America’s elite universities. Earning one takes years and requires a disposition suited to academia, which is rare among more normal folk. Graduate students are regularly lured away from their studies by lucrative jobs.

That is changing. This month, an education non-profit based in San Francisco, kicked off the third year of its course in deep learning. Since its inception it has attracted more than 100,000 students, scattered around the globe from India to Nigeria. The course and others like it come with a simple proposition: there is no need to spend years obtaining a phd in order to practise deep learning. Creating software that learns can be taught as a craft, not as a high intellectual pursuit to be undertaken only in an ivory tower.’s course can be completed in just seven weeks.

Boot camp :grinning:
Frankly I feel many of the 4 year degree can be done in shorter than 2 years. Tons of overlap and slack time. Also quite a lot of worthless stuff being taught. Feel like on vacation :slight_smile:

Shhhhh… Don’t tell anybody… People in "education business " may lose tons of money…

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