Transparent politics, a reality show?

Trump’s politics is highly transparent. He often broadcasts his policy in plain English and avoids the dry and pretentious official language.

This is highly unusual, but with the Internet/twitter/Facebook/blogging/forums, I think this could be the trend of future politics. In the future, politicians can communicate directly with the people in plain English. This real time and plain English communication can be highly engaging, as proved by Trump.

In the past, majority of the people do not engage with presidents and most people do not read the dry and pretentious press releases. But Trump is talking to the whole world in real time, in his own words, raw without any filtering. His communication with people seems authentic and unpretentious, that’s why it became so engaging. It’s like a poltical reality show and everyone loves the show even though many do not agree with him.

This is really unprecedented, even though it can be really uncomfortable to many people.

Do you think Trump is inventing the new politics for the interent era?

Personally I think Trump is clinically insane…

He pretty much has terminal diarrhea of the mouth…Tweets to the world whatever he feels at the moment. .Often contradicting himself…He is not a critical or strategic thinker…Merely a showman, treating himself to an orgy of self aggrandizement…Definitely is suffering from dillusion due to Daddy issues…

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Is he better or worse than Kardashians? Hollywood likes bad and good publicity, they only worry about lack of audience :grinning:

Only 5th graders understand what Trump says. Bing, bong, bang.

What would Trump say if he joined our forum and he were not a president?

I hope to see other world leaders joining Twitter and conduct international politics on Twitter, fully transparent to the whole world in real time.

Isn’t that the ultimate transparency and democracy? You would know the leader’s thought at the moment and you could give your opinions and let him/her and the whole world to see at the moment as well

Change is discomforting.

Change is scary if we don’t understand the impact of change.

Change is disgusting if we lose out in the change.

I have yet to figure out the impact on my net worth and way of life.

With the media mostly on one side, this political reality show is necessary to get his message out. Without direct tweets, everything you can read or watch will be 90% attack on selected sentences or selected policies.

If you say 1000 sentences and they may only report on the 10 sentences they do not like, or seem weak, or taken out of context, or ignore your main point and only focus on a minor statement.

Media is a middle man in information flow. With the cheap and fast internet, this middle man is facing a diminishing role. The rise of FB/Twitter/blog is the decline of the traditional media. Liberal’s dominance of traditional media will become less useful


My brokerage statement tells me what the change to my net worth has been and I like it. Trump’s anti-big government and anti-gun control policies are both positives for my way of life. Of course since CA has practically declared war on the federal government I may have to move out of state to experience the full positive effects on my civil liberties. Oh well - more electoral votes and more Congressional representatives for some red state come the 2020 census.

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Transparency would be good. Obama promised the most transparent government. That’s laughable when you look at how he operated.

The trouble with transparency is the people cant handle the truth…We have problems like illegal immigration, drugs, crime, racial strife, islamic fascism and many more that are unsolvable. .Sure one side or the other will come up with a simple shortsighted useless fix…But theses are chronic problems that will not be solved for generations. …

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Is that the standard for the POTUS???
The Kardashians are the lowest of the low…a porn star made famous because she had and is a large ass. .Now we have the largest ass of all time for POTUS …When will he ever stfu, stop campaigning and start getting down the serious job of governance. .We dont give a crap about his opinion of celebrities that diss him, or how big his inauguration audience was. …


I would say with his appointments to the bureaucracy and SC and steps at restoration of rule of law (Dakota Pipeline) he HAS got down to serious governance. The rest is clever diversion.
I was s skeptic before the election; now I am a full on Trump supporter.

Any TV channel has some serious stuff and some silly stuff for entertainment. To compete with traditional media, Trump channel needs to have stuff to attract eyeballs. Without eyeballs, he would be reduced to a regular politician and the media machine will make him obsolete quickly

Basically Trump needs to be the POTUS and a competitive media outlet at the same time. He has 2 full time jobs. I think the media job is even harder

Try to explain how social security is really a Ponzi scheme. People lose their minds. It’s actually the very definition of it. The government is taking our money today and promising to pay us back with money taken in the future. People can’t handle the truth.

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LOL…following a guy who can’t elaborate anything within a sentence really improves who you are…LOL…That poor guy can’t take a question, he threatens with make anybody’s life “we’ll ruin their reputation” he goes.

The Dakota pipe? Cha-chin! He has economic interests in that one. Few spills contaminating the surrounding areas have been reported. Good bye to our healthy environment. I thought this moron was for the revamping or our energy system? Oil, and coal instead of Solar? Duh!

Defending via the little bird his daughter’s crappy designs nobody buys is actually very intellectual. Doesn’t that moron have anything better to do, like giving us $ numbers on that wall, the Obamacare replacement, flying to see the devastation in some areas hit by tornadoes, etc, etc.?

The government, specially the education system is a nightmare. The illiterate people, most of them republicans getting appointed with no vetting, oh boy, the famous vetting, pretty obvious are taking over and they can’t even spell “too”, God darn it!

What did Obama do about the Dakota pipeline? He sat by and did nothing while military style police tried to end the protest.

Obama sat there? Yes, he did to. I mean, too…I need to start adjusting myself for the new English coming from the white house.