Treasure Island: What's Going To Happen

All I remember personally of Treasure Island is weddings for me. I remember going to a wedding there as a lad for for a military wedding and then more recently when someone rented an area for a tented wedding that was simply over the top. The tent was probably close to the size of something you would see at Cirque Du Soleil(?). The SF skyline across the waters was absolutely amazing. Almost as nice as my wedding of courseā€¦:grin:

But what is going to happen to TI and the region once this new addition of housing is in play? Nothing, since it is an island? But what about the many more folks commuting into SF for work via car or ferry?

With global warming TI will become Atlantisā€¦

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How high is it above high tide level?

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That obviously will need to be investigated more thoroughly. I canā€™t believe that is not one of the first major items anybody planning to build there wonā€™t assess firstā€¦

But then again, when you rebuild the Bay Bridge section one would have expected an ingenius design that completely counters the corrosive properties of salt water yet here we are perhaps having to do major repairs after the fact for years to come.

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Building pads will have to be raised 3ā€™

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! Up to 33Ā­inches over next century based on
! HighĀ­resolution global altimetry data through
the end of 2009 suggest that in the last two
decades global mean sea level has increased
at a rate close to the upper end of the IPCC
projections, corresponding to an increase of
10 inches by 2050 and 30 inches by 2100
high estimates
! SemiĀ­empirical studies by Rahmstorfiii
! 55Ā­inches estimate was adopted by the
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Hey @Elt1, what is up with the scientific data? Werenā€™t you knocking the USGS and scientists before? Come on, which side are you on???:wink:

USGS started out as a mapping business. .surface features are their forteā€¦it is underground wherw their expertise turns into a guess

6 feet???

Ok, along with my recent post about the proposed two way tolls, I guess TI is soon going to be developed in a major way.