Trump administration eyes capital gains tax cut for wealthy: NY Times

What are the odds of this happening? Is this bullish for stocks and real estate?


Bearish for RE prices because there would be more sellers. There are much fewer buy and hold forever folks in stocks. There the effect would be minimal.

Bullish for the 1%ers as always.

Why would people sell real estate? They will be accumulating tax free gains year over year. RE becomes more attractive to hold onto. No?

I worked for tax prep company when i was in college, those rich people don’t pay much tax.

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Rich? NW > $100M?

22 years ago around 2+ mil, the good accountant teach them ways to avoid tax. But they got to do a lot of setup though

It’s less punishing to sell, so more people would.

If no capital gain tax, sell to enjoy the last few years of your life. Not everybody is like manch, aggressively accumulate wealth. Idea of investing is to delay enjoyment, when you’re sufficiently old, enjoy, can’t delay any more.

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