Trump Delays Caltrain Electrification, Potentially Killing It


That’s like saying you should put your hand on a hot stove every day. Just because you burned your hand every other time, you shouldn’t anchor your decision on the past experience.


Are you stretching the analogy?
Saying is meant to be dramatic, don’t mean to be absolute.


I don’t think so. It’s crazy to keep repeating things but expecting a different outcome.


HSR is Obama’s big mistake. Fortunately Florida rejected fed money for HSR. California chose HSR because it did not want to waste the “free money” from Obama. If Obama had so much money, why not give 64B to California? If it’s truly free, I even like to build a HSR to nowhere because it creates jobs to do useless work. Voters were paralyzed and they want free money to create jobs for themselves during the Great Recession. But they did not know that recession would be long gone when the HSR work start.

People are willing to spend free money on useless stuff. Many people have zero interest in HSR but they have a huge interest in “free” fed money.

I voted for HSR and my thought was to get free money first and we can always use the money for something better


If you think carefully what the game tree will look like, what the probabilities of different outcome will look like, if you just scrapped the HSR, you will realize the most likely outcome will be you don’t have the HSR nor improved commuter train. A big part of it is just the political process, a small part is the sunk cost fallacy.

You can yell from your rooftop that we should all reject the sunk cost fallacy, but we are all too human. If you are honest with yourself you will find that fallacy affect your everyday decision. It’s a fallacy not because people are stupid. It’s because we are human.


We were lied to about HSR…it will never be only 1hr to LA…It will cost $400 rountrip, unless subsidized,.
There is no public transportation ar each end. AND NOBODY WILL COMMUTE TO FRESNO…
So why build it? A couple of billion has been spent…nothing really exists right now…We have much more critical public works needed…Dams, local commuter trains, replacing aging urban utilities. …The HSR when built will be unneeded especially if self driving cars are in use by then…we were told it would cost $20b…Now it coukd be $120b


Maybe nobody will commute to Fresno from SF, but I bet there will be people commuting to SJ and SF from Fresno, from Stockton, from SAC etc. From SJ or SF train station they can take the bus or Uber to their work.

Self driving cars still need roads. We are not talking about flying cars. Have you seen how crazy 101 is?

Companies already subsidize their employees on train fares. Even without subsidy the fare forecast published by HSR is not outrageous. We are not talking about people commuting from LA to SF for work everyday. More likely from Stockton to SF or SJ, which many are already doing via cars. These car trips are not free by the way. You pay for the wear and tear of the car, the gas, the hours you put into driving etc.


It costs $400 from Geneva to Paris round trip in todays dollars…HSR only works in Europe because of great local transportation and is extremely vulnerable to terrorism. .Cute idea–might be a good idea in a developing country like China…Is an unmitigated disaster here…HSR isnt planned to go to Stockton or Sacramento. .natural commute communities for SF…This is a commuter train for business people in LA and SF…a small group that now flies…$1600 for a family of 4 to LA. FUGEABOUTIT


HSR is hugely bullish for central valley. Stockton and yeah, Fresno will see a big boom.


Even the people in Fresno don’t want it…I have friends there …it is a joke to them


The Cherokees and the Navajos didn’t want the train either. They tried to kill the horse of iron but failed. Progress keep going.

Oh, I would waste that money in that monster rather than on that stupid wall paid for by Me…yes, me, you and you. :rofl:


Trains are 19th century technology. .Elon musk has his hyperloop…and self driving cars…why build cho cho trains?


Trains are old, but high speed trains capable of going 350 km/h are new. Large scale deployment only happened in the 2000s.


Nobody ever planned HSR to Stockton or Sacramento. …not even in the on the horizon…It is a north south train…commuters to the BA go east west…I want one from SF to Tahoe…via Stocton and Sacramento …never going to happen…

This all about subsidizing a few rich business people in LA and SF…a very small group that lied to us, sold us a train that we don’t need and can’t afford…It would cheaper to buy them their own private jets…


Just look at the map.


So I have to go to Madera to go to Sacramento… .ridiculous. …The blue line is what we voted for…The yellow is way in the future. .Another $50b?

Not my concern, don’t live anywhere near these trains and will be dead before completion…Already have my Nevada residence…Will pull the plug on California when the communists complete their takeover. .


Do I need to explain you what an analogy, or for lack of English skills, what a comparison is? Dang people! Trains? :grin:


This is where HSR should go…EV charging stations are leading the way…Hiw many EVs in Fresno?

The state should just follow EV charging stations to no where to run trains
How come Japan knows more about our transportation needs than Jerry Brown???



It’s a government project. It’ll take 3x as long as promised and cost 5x as much.