Trump effect

My friend shared this yesterday, car parked near mathilda ave sunnyvale.

I’m suprised this is happening in bay area.

“I’m an American without freedom, I live ina country controlled by chinese! where is american sovereign justice”

Please tell me those dents are fresh…:grin:

The person’s sign sucks. It’s too small and too hard to read. If that person feels so strongly, put a big sign in the yard or a large front window.

Said some dude who drives a German import.

Actually, there are more Indians than Chinese in Sunnyvale. White Americans dislike Chinese a lot probably because of the competition for gold rush days. Otherwise, I can’t explain why because most H1Bs are Indians and IT companies outsources to India mostly.

what will happen to bay area RE considering trump signing lot of executive orders.


Sure? H1B visa guys still dare to buy? May not be renewed even if not from those seven countries. Also, what if Trump stop the H1B program. Need to guess what would come next.

From what I know no one’s worried yet. I would still buy if that means I might have to rent out to who ever is left in the bay area :smile:

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WIth all the progressive thinking and highest number of sanctuary cities, both illegal and legal wont flock to califfornia? Its a boost for CA RE

There is a proposal to make 100K min salary for H1B. Bay area starting salaries are anyway higher where 90% of the country cant meet that minimum which means More H1Bs to bay area.

Yeah. If Trump bans H1B for the “best and brightest”, APPL/FB/GOOG may double the pay for the tech workers to lure the “best and brightest” American citizens from wall street. Also with highest number of sanctuary cities in CA, I am sure that many “best and brightest” foreigners will come here to work as illegal workers.

Maybe it would cause a huge boost for BA RE. Existing workers will get a huge raise, there would be price war for tech talents. Oh my, it would be best wet dream for the tech liberals.

If tech wages doubles after H1B ban, people can work 2 jobs, one at GOOG and another job at FB. Oh, tech liberals will find their paradise with Trump.

Many highly educated liberal housewives can get a $500k job at GOOG/FB/APPL and hire an illegal nanny from the sanctuary city to handle their kids and the housework.

Many retired tech workers can come back to workforce and ear bug bucks.

Pretty soon, the H1B banning president will become tech liberal’s hero. :cry:

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Dude, I know your home is adorned with Singapore flags everywhere, but we, LOVE IT HERE!!! This is the greatest country on Earth, despite the few hiccups along the way recently. In fact, even more people (legally) will want to bask in the glow that is the Fab 7x7 (and other Bay Area cities)…

Definition of “best and brightest” in descending order:

a. An American graduate.
b. Graduated from an US College.
c. Graduated from the top university in their home nations e.g. IIT of India, and NUS of Singapore.
d. Won some global awards or recognition.

Dream on. So unbusiness. They would cooperate instead of competing… many joint projects, and may be accelerated the setting up of shops in Seattle, Austin and other tech centers where cost is cheaper.

Lot of countries Australia and nz have a point based system for issuing Permanent residency.

America should start that for h1b as well. X points for grafuatimg in top 100 university and Y points for verifiable overseas experience etc.

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“Best and brightest” also includes cost effectiveness. For same quality, lower cost candidate will be the best. We need to be honest that cost is not a non-factor in business decisions.

Also willingness to work hard and work long hours. For same IQ, employers will favor the one who works 16 hours a day over one who only works 7 hours a day.

Hiring emoloyees is not a competition for Nobel prize. We use quality, cost, work ethic to choose the “best”. “Brightest” is part of quality.

Liberals only want your “sick and tired”. A point based system will create competitions for elite liberals. They only want the people who are lesser than them and who would never take away the elite liberal’s good job.

I’m afraid that many liberals would support a H1B reduction or ban, but advocate for millions of illegal immigrants and sanctuary city.

Or they will start shops in Vancouver and Toronto. Sane immigration policy, speak the same language and a stone’s throw from US.

Who wants to work in Canada when they do not even have many sanctuary cities and do not have millions of illegal immigrants? Elites won’t be able to find cheap gardeners

Canada deports all the illegal immigrants, is it a good example or bad example?