The administration’s arguments are correct. Higher fuel efficiency standards mean lighter cars. There would be a cost in lives. Additionally, as costs would increase people would be incentivized to keep older, less state of the art cars longer adding to the costs in lives.
If you want a low emission or zero emission car than buy one. Just don’t force everyone else to.

You can’t argue both points. You say newer cars are unsafe because they are lighter. Then you say older heavier cars are unsafe. Which is it?

Some regulations create a lot of headaches but very little benefit. Sensible deregulation is good generally.

I don’t like too much and too aggressive regulations.

Prop 10 is very bad, vote it down whatever you think of Trump

It’s’ both. Newer cars incorporate safety features like back-up cameras but if fuel economy standards are toughened they may also get lighter.

The old standards finished the station wagon because large cars couldn’t meet them. So everyone piled into even more-polluting SUV’s which are held to a different standard than cars. Aggressive regulation creates it’s own problems. And there is no solid science showing any health benefit to reducing emissions below current standards. At some point the additional particulate is barely above background levels from dust, etc.

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Politicians are always salespeople; never engineers.

If he can keep growth back at trendline 3% annual and get government off of people’s backs he doesn’t need to build anything.
As for making stuff up - instead of the media bringing him up to their standards he’s managed to drag them down to his. Just look at all the fake narratives around things like child separations - a policy implemented by court order in 2015, mentioned only in 2018 and then backed up with fake photos of children in cages and Honduran toddlers who WEREN’T separated from their parents. Or the spinning of comments condemning hate and violence on all sides as somehow supporting neo-Nazies and the KKK. Or the fake story about Trump making it easier to the mentally ill to buy guns. These all came from mainstream outlets. CNN/NBC/CBS/ABC are as guilty as Trump is of cheapening the democratic process.


Thanks sheriff!

Just thinking that he has supporters in this forum leaves you with the…oh, wait! I thought everybody supporting him were smart? Why? Remember, the leader has to be smarter than the pack, always! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Now, pay attention, real attention, watch this video and how they pay actors to show to his rallies. Watch this kid, he is behind him on the stage, he is making these gestures as “what the hell is he saying?”. Then, notice how he is told to leave, and within a minute actors are moved there, and at the last second, a lady with the trumpovich T-shirt moves there. It is not only funny, but pathetic. :star_struck::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: