Trump's Travel Ban

Surprising or just makes sense???

It’s not surprising. Also, anyone that pays attention should notice EU is adopting more and more similar policies to this. Some countries are even getting more aggressive about deporting people already living there.


Agreed! When this first came up even during campaigning I was thinking the Commander In Chief ultimately has to have the right to protect the citizens of the USofA as he/she sees fit. Yes, not popular but it is what it is…

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There is a huge opinion split between media and the public. Media strongly denounces but the average person is either neutral or sometiems even in favor of. Now it becomes very difficult to gauge public opinion from media coverage. Many times, media only covers opinions held by a small percentage of the public. The majority opinion often is ignored, occasionally the majority opinion is ridiculed and attacked.

Many people are afraid to express their real opinion since they think that media opinion is the super majority and they are the super minority.

Media often times choose 1 or 2 non-representative samples and use those non-representarive samples to advance their opinion or tries to influence public opinion implicitly. But it only works to some extent. Often times, media would try too hard and lose the trust of the audiences.


It’s really difficult to gauge public opinion with anything other then agreeing with the left gets you labeled as a racist. Most people that agree stay silent for fear speaking out will get them fired like the google engineer.


My husband calls the left unconsolables for continual whining. Half of family members and most of my relatives are unconsolables, so we keep our mouths closed.


Trmup’s approval rating actually improved a lot during all these media havoc. I think midterm could be disappointing to Democrats.


4 more years??? 4 more years???

CNN political analyst seems to say yes politely. It’s most likely a yes if you look at numbers. Some never-trump people now complain that they are not selected into the administration or there are not enough talents in the administration.

@sfdragonboy, please forgive if this is hurtful. I am just passing around messages

Oh, I am here for the ride (bumpy or not, short or long) so no worries. I am pleasantly surprised that The Donald has done as well as he has. If he can manage to get in a conservative justice maybe one day a revisit on my Holy Grail: the striking down of rent control can happen. I can only dream…

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People forget the reaction to the radical left in the 1970s. Reaganism. People don’t like being lectured to by Maxine and Hollywood. And of course Hillary and her deplorables gaff. Hanoi Jane will be forever a conservative trigger.

Asian Americans have been the second most loyal democratic voters. From what I hear from real people, many are supporting republicans in California. Haven’t seen any polls yet

The progressive wing of the Democrats will destroy the party. Hopefully we will see a conservative trend in CA.
Running against Trump is a loser strategy that didn’t work for Hillary. The gas tax alone could elect Cox

Joe Crowley was destroyed in New York. No casualties in California yet.

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All the progressives stand for is free healthcare for illegals high taxes, soft on crime, rent control and open borders. Should be easy to run against.

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But they defeated Crowley in NY. Might be a Latino majority district. But California has many Latino majority districts.

Then how come there are only progressives in SF and LA. We have McClintock in Tahoe

If he can stay at peace with North Korea, I could be ok with that. I really thought he might start WW III, but the pictures of him and KJU seem to indicate otherwise.

Crowley’s district is 46% Hispanic, 16% Asian, 11% Black, 24% white. Median income 51k, probably a lower income district in NYC.

And 28 year old Latina activist from an unknown party, democratic socialists of America defeated Crowley.

Curiously CNN seems to be halpy about this. Is CNN to the left of Democratic Party?

We are stuck with him till 2020. Hopefully the Dems can find someone better. But I see no one in their lineup that can win. Bernie will be 80 in 2021. They need new blood. But their progressives will destroy them.