Tudor + Craftsman

Another unique looking house in SF.


Feels like a hotel lobby?

Used to live near this house…the exterior picture looks much more magnificent than it really is. At first glance it almost looks like the grand prize for the Dream House Raffle :smile:

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I just learned the other day the Dream House Raffle is a scam! There’s some small prints in there saying if there aren’t enough tickets sold they won’t give out the house! :rage:


If it makes you feel better I bought a ticket once…just think of it as contributing to the art community (Yerba Buena) :stuck_out_tongue:

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I bought once too. Got scammed! :rage:

I like it. Under priced…will go for more…How much?

Worse yet, you have to pay taxes on the winnings, so even if you win the $5M house, you only get it if you can pay the Federal taxes on it.

Me too :slight_smile: But since I read the fine print, I was fine with simply getting a million or two.

Sold. 505K over list.