Tuff Shed for Rent for $800 in SF

Duplicate! I posted yesterday.

Does this even deserve a new thread? Too many threads already

Really? Yeah too many threads. Didn’t see your post. :smile:

Well, I don’t see the other thread, so posting here:

Interesting game of cat and mouse. If the landlord had been smart he’d have allowed her out of the lease knowing she could potentially lodge a complaint.

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Exactly. Now the landlord is in big big trouble.


It’s where @sfdragonboy jabbed his own race by speculating the landlord being “Asian”…

Yah we have a friend who’s running a questionable SRO in SF. We always advice the person don’t pick a fight with your tenants


Stupid landlord! He should use the shed for storage, how dare he rents to a college student?

Greed. This is how us landlords get a bad rep.

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@wuqijun , @RealEstatebull - Makes our shed look like a palace. :rofl:


We ought to take a stab at it again…

Landlord is bad, but tenant should be blamed as well. What a cheap tenant! The shed is substandard, why should a renter be cheap and pay money for such a trash?

There are two sides on the transaction. Both are not good.