Twitter: trying to be Netflix

They released video streaming app for Apple TV, Fire TV, etc. They are clearly trying to find something new.

Good luck to them. I love their product. I literally spend hours on Twitter everyday. But their management is clueless.

They seem out to lunch on how to monetize it, and now user growth has stalled. They are losing the younger generation to Instagram and Snapchat.

I never got into Twitter, even when it was considered “hot” in the past.

Anyone making a trade before they stream the NFL game tonight? It has the potential to move the stock big up/down. I have no position. NFL ratings are down pretty big so far this season.

Most of my friends & myself included tried twitter (2011-2012), however no one is active on it right now.

Twitter has massive management problem. I thought about buying shares and looked at its financials. Man, their options compensation is out of control. As an avid user I am acutely aware issues and features are super slow to get addressed. There is a very stark contrast comparing with Facebook. There a key feature can come in a weekend’s hackathon. Twitter? They are still talking about raising the character limit. C’mon? How hard can it be?

Short term TWTR may bounce up or down. Long term I don’t see anything appealing.

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I agree on the management problem. I have a feeling it’ll flop, but even if it doesn’t it might not move the stock much.

It was only $10M for the streaming rights to 10 games. That’s really cheap compared to TV deals. I can’t find any announcement on how many people watched on Twitter.

What do you do on twitters for hours every day?

I read. I almost never post. Twitter is an amazing news tool. You know about what’s happening real time before almost everybody. You get personal angles not just dull facts.

But to get there you need to cultivate the accounts you follow. It’s not easy and Twitter’s on boarding experience has not improved much over all these years. That’s why it’s screwed.

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I also say more famous people use Instagram now. There’s no character limit. Twitter. Ends to do something to appeal to people that have tons of followers. Normal users follow those super users.

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I saw that. It’ll be interest what happens with many of the IPOs of the last 5-years. Such a high percent are trading below their IPO price. Insiders are basically trapped, but if they don’t sell then they risk watching their personal wealth decline year-after-year.

Come on TWTR!!! It’s the one investment I lost money on!!! Down 70%!!!

Ok besides JCP which I’m down 80% but I only bought very few shares only for fun :slight_smile:

Sell all except AAPLs and TSLAs.

AAPL has become a cash cow for me.
TSLA has become a growth machine.

Yes, you are right. Maybe I should convert everything into these 2 but then I would have to pay the tax penalty.

Is there a 1031 exchange equivalent in the stock market? :slight_smile:

First step sell all your losses e.g. Jcp. Then sell enough gains to cover losses. Plough proceeds to those twos.

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Haha, thanks for the tips.

Almost at breakeven with Twitter. My strike price is $46. Long suffering coming to an end maybe? :sweat_smile: