Twitter's Outrageous Management Compensation

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I considered buying TWTR many years ago. Then I looked at their options expenses and just walked away horrified. It’s a giant scam set up to enrich insiders at the expense of poor stockholders.

If anything Twitter’s CTO should NOT have earned $20M in 2016 alone. Are you kidding me? Twitter’s tech is a steaming POS. What did Twitter do tech-wise in 2016? Like increasing character counts in tweets? The biggest innovation they have so far in 2017 is changing the default profile pic from an egg to some generic person. Give me an effing break!


Wow, this is indeed bad… and checkout the CFO! TWTR is a clean balance sheet company (I assume no inventory, no supply chain, no loan, no plants, no bonds, no nothing). and their stock has been bleeding. No work and no performance = $23M!


Twitter’s COO, CTO and CFO all made more than Intel’s CEO, who made $19M in 2016:

Intel’s market cap is 17 times the size of Twitter. And unlike Twitter, Intel actually made money, with dividend to boot.

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Isn’t stock comp about 30% of total revenue? They were one of the highest of any tech company.