Two forum fav companies may partner

It appears Tesla will partner with Tencent on manufacturing in China. China taxes auto imports 25%, and requires manufacturing in China be done by partnering with a Chinese company. That doesn’t sound like “free trade”.

Does that mean investing in Tesla automatically translates into an investment in Tencent? :heart_eyes:

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Poor people have the social safety net. Developing country also needs a trade safety net.

At least the developing countries are not using voting to tax the developed countries.

If the world becomes one county, every American will need to pay half of their income as tax to provide for the people in developing countries

America does not owe the world anything. It is survival of the fittest here and the strongest country takes it all. Poor countries are poor because either their government implemented the wrong policies or their people are just stupid. Don’t blame the rich countries! If you were in their shoe you would’ve done the same.

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Some countries have horrible resources which makes me wonder why people settled there in the first place.