Two Of Your Fav Things, Manch

What happens when an Eichler hooks up with a condo…

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Why do they call it an eichler? Because of the developer? They don’t look like the eichler homes in the conventional sense.

As mentioned, “wide open floor plans and expansive glass walls.”

Agreed, this is nowhere near the idea of affordability…not that real Eichlers are cheap too. There is a fixer Eichler in the San Bruno Hills that drew a lot of people on Sunday including us. My wife doesn’t care for that style. Too open for her. She likes the classic suburban rancher or split level style. We want to be like you cats, BBQing in the backyard!!!

I see. You are now suburb envy, having been stuck all your life in the city…

You know how it is…if you keep seeing and get to drive nicer cars every weekend you go out shopping let’s say, you are bound to look at your current ride slightly negatively…

But, it is really more of a phase I think for us. We probably just want to live in the pseudo burbs for a few years and then see if we really like it or not. When we get really old, we may not like having to drive to get everything. That is when Chinatown calls us…

You can have the best of both worlds by buying in Millbrae: a suburban Chinatown.

Need the real thing…the clothes hanging out of windows, the smell of durian or stinky tofu everywhere, tourists with their cameras, etc…

If it would ever finally open up, the Central Subway is going to make it interesting in the old neighborhood (or not).

That’s just nostalgia playing tricks on your mind. You think you want that, but you will hate every minute if you actually live in it.

No, I already laid down the law to wifey that we will go back there. Obviously, with the carrot that if we sold everything and pocketed a few million dollars would she really care that we moved back to my family home? Girl is smart, she wants the money…

Yes, stick to your roots… once born in Chinatown always go back to Chinatown.

My Mom loves the idea that one of her ABC kids wants to go back home and make it grand. We will make it shine, if it is the last thing we do. Uh, we are staying away from Chinese granite though…:grinning:

That means you are going back to China?

Yes! Since you make it grand, you get more brownie points and become her favorite son!

Um… I go back to Sunset.

Unfortunately, #1 Son (Big Bro) will never relinquish the “title” of “favorite son” at least to my Mom, but I am way cool with it. Big Bro has been good to me, I have no complaints.

Yes… he’s the perpetual overachiever and you the underdog. Poor you… :sob:

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Don’t destroy his coping mechanism.

Hey, even Michael Jordan got cut off his high school basketball team…

It’s ok, Chinese parents are usually prejudiced that the 1st son is always the favorite no matter what. Actually, same thing with the West. Any reason why Prince William is heir to the throne and not his younger brother?

No biggie…my wife is prettier.:grinning:

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