UBER - Another Tech Giant on the raise!


Scooter litigation is a growth industry

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Again, where are the posters vilifying Uber in the past?

Gone with the wind? :joy::joy::joy:


Uber’s Secret Restaurant Empire



That’s the way to do it. If you look at a restaurant, maybe 20-30% of the space is the kitchen. Eliminating the the dine in option would save a ton of money in startup costs, rent, employee costs, etc. The only real downside I see is they probably miss out on a lot of beverage and alcohol sales which are high margin.




All the money burning unicorns are sprinting to exit before the recession hits and funding dries up



Most of the underwriters are not making money with low spread between short term and long term rates.

They promote IPOs like UBER for higher commissions. UW mind their commission, but also hype their IPO so that it is fully subscribed.

If UBER stocks are not sold properly at market, Underwriters need to fund the UBER for that pricing (UW makes loss on their big bets)

Yes, it will be disastrous for UBER or their Underwriters.

All these are mentioned in “Margin of Safety” book by Seth Klarmann.


Lyft filed on Thursday. Oh boy. Where’s Airbnb?

Uber Files Confidentially for Initial Public Offering



I am not a liar, but believe me, I remember a topic on Uber and some, many posters were putting Uber down. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: