Uber is doomed



Come on, give Hillary a call!!!


What? No Marissa?


Travis is trying to fight back. Uber is a goner.


I’ll get a sex change to be uber ceo


Man to woman or woman to man? :laughing:


Lawyer to human…lol


Funny, I lost a job opportunity at one of those tech companies because they asked me to do something I considered unethical during the interview process and I said no. I guess I’m not a team player when the team is full of unethical assholes. I don’t mind missing out on that job but I think that is common to some of these places. Not all, but the “shoot first ask questions later” ones… they don’t have time to stop and ask if what they are doing is right


How come most US Presidents were lawyers and most CEOs are not? Most CEOs come from a financial background or maybe tech…Engineers make lousy Presidents…Jimmy Carter, Hubert Hoover…But lawyers make lousy CEOs…only 10% of the Fortune 500 have lawyer CEOs.



Don’t go through the trouble. It’s very easy nowadays just say “I feel like a woman today” and put on a skirt, and you’re done. Not even joking.

After you get hired, you can feel like a guy again and dress however you like.




Ice cream anyone?


Rumor is Jeff Immelt is going to be the choice to run it. Nothing like hiring a super old white guy who’s failed as CEO before to change perception. How much experience does the guy even have with tech and apps? If that’s the best they can do, then they really are screwed. I can’t imagine this going well. The culture clash is going to be epic.


Fact is GE is the third most preferred company by women.
Salesforce is at 4. 1st choice for tech.
Apple at 9. 2nd for tech.
Google at 15. 6th for tech.


CEO fired. Business as usual.


I guess me deleting the app didn’t hurt their business.


Don’t think so. There are people eager to get a cab…


I switched to Lyft. Most of the drivers I’ve had used to drive for Uber.


Same. I think I only used Uber twice this year when I was in a city that had no Lyft coverage. The majority of my travel has been with Lyft. this is also panning out in market share reports. Uber has lost 7% share in North America and is now down to 75. I think they need to get down to the 40s.