Uber is doomed


I don’t think Uber market share will go down any further due to these controversies. Consumers who cared about these issues have already left. Those remaining don’t care and will keep using Uber for the convenience and due to inertia. A bigger worry for Uber will be if Lyft or someone else out-innovates them in features or cost.


Yes, if Uber service is better and more competitive than Lyft, then people will ultimately choose Uber.

I don’t use uber or lyft at all so I really can’t tell which is better… :grin:


It’s basically the same. All the anti-Uber thing really helped Lyft. They are more of a legitimate competitor now.

I know a few drivers. They still get more ride requests from Uber than Lyft.


So do you think most customers are unaware of the issues or are they hypocrites? I’m pretty sure most people would say sexual harassment is wrong, and they are against it. However, their actions say they have no issue spending money with a company who’s culture fosters sexual harassment.


We are all against sexual harassment. That’s why the CEO was let go. Now they are changing their culture. So it should be ok.

So the comparison now between Uber and Lyft is really which service is better.


I think most people are to some degree hypocrites. For examples, if everybody who said they supported Made in America actually bought Made in America only and not get swayed by cheaper prices of foreign made items, then the economic picture would be different.

Regarding Uber, I would say 80% of the current customers won’t even know of all these issues and of the remaining 20%, those who even care ‘deeply’ for such issues, they must be consoling themselves with whatever reason works for them. People who really cared are already no longer using Uber.


The top management layer of Uber has been decimated. Kalanick is a large shareholder and still sits at the board. He is hell bent on getting his position back. The infighting will paralyze Uber. I have already written Uber off to the dead pool.

Investors are busy writing down their Uber stakes.


Agreed. If Uber is significant cheaper I doubt people would dump it for Lyft.


I read Uber investors were working on selling their shares while also issuing new shares. They’d sell existing shares at a discount if you bought new shares at the last valuation. That screams Enron style fraud.


I would like to be reminded when that beautiful and hypocrite announcement was made that from now on everything would be made in America. I bet it was months ago. :joy: We don’t see anybody quitting that lying leader, are they?

I believe the famous media or FB or whatever is augmenting any issue to the point some people get to lose their jobs because the complaints impact businesses on the way customers see any company. They may be not that many, but if they are noisy they will achieve their demands. We see that now that some racists are losing their jobs after being identified.



Hasn’t she already declined it more than once?




Better selection than Meg.


Can I have some relatives like that?




Technically he said it could go public in 18-36 months depending on the board. Wouldn’t read too much into it


Who here will be buying its stock when it goes public?


I will, but depends on pricing !