Uber is doomed



So, is it dead or what?


Living and thriving.


I’ve noticed the TV world now says Lyft and not Uber in new episodes of shows. That’s a subtle change. Imagine if at some point people had stopped saying google and started saying alta vista.







Wait, don’t you have to use your cell phone to book a ride? Presumably she’s traceable.


I wonder if the VC investors realize how screwed they are yet. People that got in at a $50B+ valuation must realize that money is gone.

“The latest bit of corruption dogging Uber came to light Tuesday as the company admitted that it hid the fact that hackers breached and gained access to 57 million user accounts. To make matters worse, Uber also now says it paid hackers $100,000 to delete the data and keep the breach quiet, and did not report the incident.”


So, Uber, Tesla, who’s next?

Kind of scaring me about the way the bay area is going with these companies in the burner.


While it’s easy to jump on the hate-uber bandwagon for this snafu, I think this hack could’ve happened to anybody. The big, big mistake is to not tell customers and then pay the hackers to delete the data they stole! How do we know the hackers didnt make a copy of the data?


I agree that’s the bigger issue which is why I included that paragraph.


Biggest down round ever?


When you think they can’t get any worse…



Well at least he got his money back…


In that 20 min, someone could have bought a bitcoin and made money off of Mr. Salama…:laughing:


Nice bitcoin joke… we need more of that here :smile:


Well, you “made” me do it. I stay away from the bitcoin madness and the thread…