Uber is doomed


Same here.


Doubtful. No way they’ll go public with a valuation less than the last round of $69B. I just don’t see that valuation when their business model is to pay drives $7 and collect $5 from customers. Plus, they spend a ton of money on other stuff including their 12,000 employees. They aren’t even close on self-driving cars which is the only way they could be profitable at current prices.




My friend who left FB for Uber is going back to FB. I guess the new CEO wasn’t that impressive, or he isn’t that confident in the company. He was at FB pre-IPO, so he made bank on that one.


You gave me the impression there is only a small pool of capable SWEs. They jumps from companies to companies, getting a raise each time. How do newbies like my no experience no demonstrated skills lazy low EQ but high IQ son join the merry-go-round? I can’t pull strings as all my high-powered CEOs & MDs friends are in Singapore. I’m a nobody here.


Just let life run its course… You don’t need to hold your son’s hand anymore. I’m sure he will do just fine.


I’m not really interested in looking for jobs for him, more interested in identifying “three obediences four virtues” ,三从四德, women :sweat_smile: Do you know any joints where these women frequent?


Haha @hanera you are so old fashioned!


So how much did he make from that IPO???


Yes, back in China on the farm.


Facebook and google now have “coding challenges” to identify talent. Solve the problem and you get an interview with a good chance to get hired. They are going away from exclusively recruiting at top CS schools.




Uber will be a b-school case study similar to Enron. Everyone will have to study it.


Wow, dare I say it, the Board of Supes might actually do some good for once…




Everyone is partnering with Lyft.


Time for Lyft off? :smiley:


Uber-SoftBank Deal Ensures Limits on Kalanick’s Power





I don’t know if I should cheer or cry…