Uber is doomed


Vrbo, flipkey, Wimdo and others…I think there are plenty of options. .Now that Airbnb has shoved instant booking down its hosts throats there is major dissention…


Going to launch three startups, tHouse, touse and travouse soon. Make sure you guys invest. I would put up paid up capital of $50k, and an authorized capital of 100 million shares. Would float 1 million shares to each of you at a very low offer price of 1 cent per share. Very special offer for bloggers here only.


Good to hear. :slight_smile:


More fodder from the comments of http://jalopnik.com/uber-is-doomed-1792634203

I worked for Uber HQ for a short time (before I said eff that and bailed). On my second day, I was in a meeting with Kalanick, in which one of the female VPs said she was concerned that women would feel unsafe using UberPool, particularly in crime-ridden areas or countries with poor women’s rights records. Kalanick’s response, I shit you not, was, “I don’t really care about that.”

Frankly, I believe it. I find it hard to believe that the CEO didn’t either allow, encourage, or implicitly approve of the bad behavior of certain individuals.


Culture was set up by founders. Employees see what’s rewarded and what’s not, and naturally do what’s rewarded. I expect Kalanick be forced out from Uber. But even after he’s gone, I don’t see how Uber can be cleaned up.


Boy, big bad Uber can’t buy a day without some damning reporting…


Wow… That’s pretty intense. On this one, I have to give them some admiration. That takes guts. Probably illegal, but gutsy.


You wonder how they are deceiving their investors, also…


No one will cry over some billionaire VCs getting screwed over. They may even hold a celebration rally in some neighborhoods.


You guys don’t know that all the major players use dirty tricks to make a buck. I know many things I can’t disclose, you would need to be in the construction business to know all about it. That goes for Amazon, Google, Facebook and the like. They don’t play by the rules.


I don’t think it’s fair to through Uber in with the rest of those, buyinghouse. Competitive doesn’t equal corrupt slimeball.


I am not talking about money wise, no racism, no sexual harassment, etc. I am talking about things that the normal home owner would get executed for if found with their hands on the though. :smirk:


You don’t know anything and are full of crap. If you knew something, you wouldn’t be on here trying to sell whole life insurance with made up numbers.


Now the fallout from Uber’s terrible month is having an impact on another group: the company’s own former and current employees.

“People are looking to get out because they’re just sick of working for that company,” said a former Uber employee, who asked not to be identified. “A lot of them have told me that they’re having a hard time finding something new.”

At job interviews, the employee said, recruiters seem wary of Uber’s “hustle-oriented” workplace. “They have to defend themselves and say: ‘Oh, I’m not an asshole.’”

The “asshole” reputation stems from Uber’s corporate values, former employees and others in the tech industry said. For many, company “values” are the kind of corporate speak that rarely interferes with one’s day-to-day work environment. But at Uber, the emphasis on hustling, toe-stepping and meritocracy took on a more sinister aspect in the workplace.



If you weren’t “I can’t say the word”, you would know the difference between whole life and indexed life insurance. What a mumbling jumbling you came up with. :triumph:

By the way, the question goes back to you. If you know something, what are you doing here? I know many investors, real investors, and they don’t spend a minute mumbling jumbling how beautiful SF is, or why that house in the corner was sold so cheap. Get it?

I work, or should I say talk to people in the construction business in SF. I know things I can’t disclose, I owe it to whoever tells me something disgraceful, not like the so called president pulling things out of his behind.

By the way, you’re right, I make numbers up, the real numbers come up after you run an illustration with age of the applicant, premiums, riders, and whatnot. This industry is not all sizes fit the same foot.

And, for the final stroke, do you believe anything anybody says here? Oh boy…

Our clients need their money back in 30 days, better yet, second month, they just call within 3 days and 75%-80% of their premiums are in their hands, but they still have their entire 100% premiums earning up to 12.5%…Try that with whole life…Better yet, ask the banks why they use IULs so much, maybe because of the call options the insurance companies prefer to use?..Whole life? So the 80’s…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh no!!! Lesson learned–jump ship BEFORE the news breaks, not after.

So does that mean men applying for new jobs will need the signature of 3 non-HR female employees to prove that they’re not a-holes? :slight_smile:


That sounds like a WONDERFUL idea!! :smile:


It’s just a whole life policy that’s indexed. They took something with a horrible reputation and renamed it hoping peole wouldn’t notice.


But… but… they’re using the smartest snakeOilSalesmen around to sell them.