Uber is doomed




New uber data. Now they have employees at airports that don’t drive. I think there’s 4-5. They just direct the drivers and help passengers find their cars. They are on Uber’s payroll, so expenses are increasing. They get 80k rides a month to/from Seattle airport.


Wow! But presumably that just increases sales as they can make more round trips faster.


Actually it will increase sales.

Airport is the only place where I usually dont call a Uber while going back home. Its easy to just walk out and take the regular cab. I know host of other colleagues who do the same. We are all 1K milers

If there is easy help to get Uber at airports that would be awesome for me.


forgot to mention just look at the power of data to take actions. Goes far beyond writing few lines of codes and making a software.

By following my data they can easily deduce that the only place I am missing calling an Uber is while going back home from airport. Now if you check this logic with 100 similar personas as me you can easily see similarities. Place 4-5 employees and see if this behavior is reversed or reduced. You can then extrapolate this across hundreds of airports and user profiles for a quick CBA.

Data as the competitive edge and moat…same as google who uses the data and customer behavior to keep tweaking its algos and indexes to produce best results…compare it to Yahoo search and Bing…

if you can mine this data for other business services then its just icing on the cake.


It’s only a moat if the advantage created can’t quickly be copied. Lyft already has the same thing at the airport. I’m sure it could be copied within 30 days, so that’s not much of an advantage. A moat should be a barrier to entry that discourages competitors. New competitors keep entering the space.


It can be copied but its not viable business unless you have the customers and drivers too that can fullfil that demand quickly.

you can copy the practice but not the interplay of many other things that enhance, consume and feed the practice, and thus makes it viable commercially…

else retailers would have copied every day low prices model of Walmart and become as big as Walmart themselves.

I will stop commenting on this topic now.


Ah, yes, those “many other things” …


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Every mile? That’s not even close to ready for prime time.


If the autonomous cars actually work, Uber would have to buy and maintain millions of cars…Why do that when stupid Uber drivers do all that for them at less than their costs? Seems like Uber is spending billions on a idea that will cost more than it will save…


Agreed. Also, drivers are generally providing their own cars. Why pay for cars and have to maintain them when someone else will do it for you?


Well, Uber is going to get better now. The government is authorizing their employees to use Uber. Cha-chin!

Google it.


It’s starting to look like Twitter in terms of exec departures.



These types of escort-karaoke bars are very common in Asia (I heard). Maybe Kalanick should have gone by himself, not taking the entire team there, including some female execs.



Not in Singapore and Malaysia for sure. Suspect not in Indonesia also, such activities are conducted quite discretely there.


Uber could be this generation’s Enron. There will be case studies about it.


And…somebody told me I was too negative…oh boy…:innocent: