Uber is doomed


Broad brushing & Generalization.


One thing I do not understand, can people really “work”, i.e. R&D/hard core development for 12 hours a day(60 hours a week)? My experience is doing R&D software development after 6 hours, I am spent. Then I have to switch to writing documents, some automated scripting etc.

Marketing, Product Management, Program Management & maybe supply chain, Marketing analytics, corporate finance etc might be different though.


You know, they don’t… You’re absolutely right. I had a boss who was VP/cofounder who would only come in for 8 hours a day. He knew that he’d get his best work done and then went out and had a social life. If you get tired, you make mistakes that aren’t worth the time they take to fix.


Did I say “that happens when everybody loves money more than what you achieve in life?”

If you don’t understand the English language, learn from Twhitler, he can teach you how to finish a sentence…yeah right!


Broad brushing & generalization.


Depends on company & nature of the work. Some companies have set up their infrastructure so well that most of the coding work is almost brain-less. Take an object from backend, modify it, and send it up to frontend. This way most work is transferrable (i.e. everyone is replaceable), and can keep coding without deep thinking. I’ve seen (and done) 12+ hrs of coding+codereviewing+meetings everyday for few months stretch. Younger folks in 20s do that in almost all high stress teams. At times, I used to just go buy stuff like expensive electronics, cars, whenever I get a chance to get off work - that was my way of releasing stress.

Not a good culture, I know, and a lot of people switch jobs. In our case, people can freely switch teams, so only the highly ambitious ones join the high stress teams. In Uber’s case, maybe switching teams isn’t that easy - understandable in smaller places. But to be honest, if you’ve gotten to a point where you work at Uber and want to kill yourself, you should look for other positions. There should be a truckload of recruiters spamming their inboxes on a weekly basis right about now anyway.


You didn’t need to say anything on this specific post. All your posts talk about the same thing on this forum.

You might think that you know the english language well. The other problem is to figure out where your point is within the paragraphs you spew.

  1. I have highlighted the rest of my comment for you for context.
  2. It was a question, not a statement. i.e. questions are uncertain & need answers as opposed to a statement.

Sometimes, english or No english doesn’t help, the extra push is needed to help some people understand the point.



“Alsup is not expected to rule immediately on Wednesday, but he may intimate which way he is leaning. At a hearing last month, Alsup warned Uber that it may face an injunction, saying of the evidence amassed by Waymo: “I’ve never seen a record this strong in 42 years.””

That’s pretty bad for Uber.


Uber needs its version of Sheryl as COO. And it needs to be a woman. This company is flying off rail.


Way too late. Only Steve Jobs could turn this ship around.


"Greyball was approved by Uber’s legal team, though some inside the company had qualms about it."

Uber’s top management appears to be very incompetent.


it just got worse:

plus the judge referred the case to the US Attorney’s office for criminal investigation and it looks like there will at least be a partial injunction


So I take it now is a good time to buy Lyft stock :stuck_out_tongue:


This ruling isn’t as bad as it could have been, but it definitely isn’t good for Uber.




Hey Roy21, don’t be dumb. I have said it many times my English grammar is horrible. I can’t compete with you, so stop being the literacy police. It would be like you trying to play soccer with me. You would suffer a tremendous defeat. If you are my age that is.

There’s a new thing in the market, that is similar to Uber, except I can’t tell you right now the name of that company. I lost the topic when I was browsing Facebook. :scream:




I apologize for the confusion. It is not similar, but kind of same type of app. You will hear/see it pretty soon. It is dedicated to, in most parts, to deliver “things” you need on a given moment. From ice creams, beers for the happy campers in colleges or universities, to…hmmm…those rubbery things to prevent abortions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: