Uber is doomed



Lost $2.8B last year not counting $1B loss in China. Wow…




Is it what they call - Great idea, poor execution.

Once all mistakes are made, Apple swoops in and develops the technology


Apple is very good at when to launch the product. It has to launch when it is feasible to sell tens of millions of the product, not just hundreds of thousands. So it has to let others claim that they are first to the market and has the leading edge most of the time… some called those guys innovating… well you can win all the accolades.



More bad press for our fav whipping boy…


I don’t get it, if too stressful, why not just find another job in the bay?
and there’s always 420 that can help out.


The answer is in this quote,

“He turned down an offer from Apple to go to Uber, because he felt he could grow more with the younger company and was excited about the chance to profit from stock options when it went public.”


he can always find another company if stress level is too high.


I am surprised he chose to stay there. But maybe we don’t know enough about the situation - maybe he was in a lot of debt and he didnt want to miss out on the Uber lottery.


Apple isn’t exactly known for being low stress…


As RE investors, we need to ask ourselves how many of such guys who didn’t commit suicide have bought houses via nose bleeding debt. Also, house flipping fever is apparently at a new level.


I think is only those involved in development of hot products. They also receive more RSUs than the rest of the Apple badges. Money doesn’t come free. You’ve to work for it :grin:


The high stress was everywhere in the company when I left. They suck everyone into it, because of how much those teams work. They expect anyone they work with to keep the same hours they do. So it sprawls through the whole organization. The amount of work with Asia makes it bad too. It’s a full day in the office plus another half day plus in the evening working with Asia.


Don’t think so. And I believe I knew Apple more than you :slight_smile:


What time period? I know a bunch of people still there. If you want your career to go anywhere, then you work 60+ hours a week. There are some dead end areas where if you don’t care about advancement or stock refreshes, then you can work 40 hours a week.


I knew Apple since 1997. People you know probably are in hot products area which of course doesn’t represent the entire organization. Not everyone involve in development.


How is he the smartest guy in the room if he values stock options more than his life? That’s just stupid.


That happens when you love money more than what you achieve in life.

I once had the chance to keep myself in the manufacturing-high tech industry, but seeing the artificial light 10-12-14 hours a day, the constant auditing of parts that would disappear, then reappear and the barking of superiors, bosses and ungrateful coworkers made me jump to a more noble trade, painting homes for a living where I could exercise my skills of being a perfectionist.

I believe, when you start working for a company, and you are a hard working individual, and you are unique somehow, some power is given to you, and if you expect more than the title, you are in a suicidal mission when the perks are not given to you but the usual kissing the butt hypocrite and backstabbing guy in the group.

Love yourself, enjoy every minute of your family and friends, money is not everything, there is that thing called “life”, for what there’s not a second chance.