Uber leaving CA for AZ

CA shutdown their self-driving cars. They wanted to impose a bunch of regulations. Uber decided to move the fleet to AZ who’s happy to have them. Is this a sign of things to come? Innovators want few rules.

Uber’s self driving cars were clearly not ready. They were running red lights and almost hit people. They should not test their half baked cars on SF streets which is one of the most challenging driving environments.

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True, Uber has become arrogant, but that will not fly with DMA !

Uber needs to find a test ground with limited access and few cars…An island like Bermuda…Tech thrives without rules…Cars are highly regulated and they will have to be…If self driving cars start killing people they will be regulated out of existence like nuclear power plants

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Comment from slashdot:

This is a case of Uber being recalcitrant, not that the laws were restrictive or unfair.

As per this article, [abc.net.au] the DMV tried to work with Uber to get permits for the vehicles.
The DMV told Uber that if it had obtained a permit, the regulator would have given the green light to the self-driving pilot. DMV director Jean Shiomoto said in a letter sent to Uber that she would “personally help to ensure an expedited review and approval process”, which she said could take less than three days.

So it’s not like the city was trying to stop Uber.

Another 20 companies exploring self-driving cars — including Alphabet’s Google, Tesla Motors and Ford Motor Co — have obtained California DMV permits for 130 cars.

It seems its not difficult for other companies either.

Its just that Uber doesn’t want to play by the rules, even when the rules are being bent for their benefit. The Recode article in the fine summary said it would be $150 per vehicle so it’s not like they were trying to kill them with fees either.

Either that, or Uber knows it’s autonomous car program is not ready for prime time.

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SF Mayor Ed Lee also said all Uber had to do was to apply for a permit. I still don’t know what’s the big deal here. Why didn’t Uber get a permit like everyone else?

And then their crappy car went a redlight: