Ugliest House in Bernal Heights

It’s humongous with 10! bedrooms and 11!! bathrooms. 5000 freaking sq ft asking for 3M.

But what’s up with the baseboard heaters? This elephant was built in 1981 and no central forced air heating? WTF?

So far 69 views and only 2 (!) favs, one of the favs being mine, this house is on track to be the new contender for the least fav’ed house in all of SF.

BTW the former least fav’ed champ went pending couple days back. The new, MUCH lower price proved irresistible. With this house? Maybe someone will bit at 2M? There are MUCH better looking houses in Glen Park sitting with no takers at 3.5M. Good luck with this white elephant…

Looks to be they have not engaged professional photographer. Most of the pictures are skewed.

10 bedrooms and 11 baths. Is it like a boarding house?

Seek variance to subdivide into multiple units if possible. The City wants more housing units? There you go…

The fact that the address has a 4 and it is ugly has no correlation at all… none :grin:

Yep. Convert to senior care home. Halfway house. Disabled youth facility.

I’ve seen more than a few of these spring up in what were once quiet neighborhoods in East County. And, despite the promises of those who promote them, they end up becoming neighborhood issues for which the other residences have no recourse.

Can you say, “there goes the neighborhood” :unamused:

Some people have lots of hate for Glen Park. Well, this fugly mess of a house in Bernal Height just went pending today. It took 103 days on the market, asking 3M. Let’s see how many St Francis Woods houses this ugly duckling knocks down… :grin:

First of all, the “hate” is not absolute, it is a “relative hate” based on pricing differentials. Nothing wrong with Glen Park at all, in itself. It is a quiet, quaint little neighborhood that has a BART station. Nothing to sneeze at in these parts.

Buyers have different objectives when purchasing, so what looks like a poor buy to us “experts” may actually be a very sound one. Hey, we are just here having some fun, commenting on what we see on the surface and it is not costing us one red cent to do so. Sure, we want to provide sound commentary whenever possible as opposed to just ripping every single sale or offering, but hey we are an open forum so there is that possibility all the time.

This one is def not the easiest thing on the eyes. To each his own, I guess. Some people like foie gras, others prefer a hamburger.

You know what??? It’s baaaaaaaack on!

With a lower price tag of 2.7M you too can have the ugliest house of San Francisco.

Repeat, and add “hasn’t sold yet” after ugly

It looks awesome… But it seems to be in height…