Uh, Don't Paint Your House This Color

Although the color code would suggest it is good luck…

Is it really? I seem to see that color in furnitures and stuff…

Yeah, it doesn’t seem too bad but who am I to disagree with scientists?

It’s ugly. Except on trees.

Someone else here had an East Bay house whose furniture was that color…

Maybe for countertops :wink:

Yes, it really would hide dirt well…

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Yup. When we moved in, our countertops were tile with a shiny dark brown grouting. Turns out the shininess was years of food, oil and grime that had built up and never been cleaned out. I’ll take white countertops now!

I believe you are supposed to say - It won’t get dirty :smile:

Several houses in the old neighborhood have gone this route in the last two years. With ivory/off yellow trim.

In and of itself it isn’t a bad color. But when used on stucco siding with terra cotta tiled roofs it looks completely out of place.

If I think of it, I’ll get a picture of one and post it here.

What’s wrong with you people?

You add purple, orange and you have a Playboy club…:laughing:

Seriously. This is a good color for shutters, gutters or trim.

My house has all the trim in black color. I didn’t pick it, I swear! :imp:

I don’t know… It’s the color of excrement… I can see why it’s ugly.


Maybe it’s that old reverse psychology again… it looks so bad that it’s good. If anything, maybe it keeps the criminal elements away…

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The world’s ugliest color ain’t so bad after all…

You’re right, it’s actually not that bad. Now that I think about it, a large home in the Sunset near me is painted this color or close to it and it actually looks pretty good. Enough that I am going to consider a variation of this for my next repainting of the grand old lady. Kind of prominent and matter of fact. And if I am going to be consistent, how can I knock the color code (448)???

Hire a “color consultant” dude. Or else your house may look like a giant pile of :poop:

Well, my neighbor a long time ago painted his house this orangey color that I didn’t care for and it has actually grown on me. I would look for a paint outfit or computer program that takes pictures of your house and then you can change the colors to see how it would actually turn out. I am sure someone offers such a service.

Green is good in 2017…


Yes, I have noticed that nice remodels now in the Fab 7x7 are often painted some dark color (if not black).

Dark colors fade and make your house hotter in summer.

Shouldn’t be a problem in the Sunset or Fab 7x7…

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