Uncle Manch, Let's Buy This One

4 Unit Sunset Building with potential to build. Asking $1.6M. I wouldn’t mind splitting this two, three or more ways…

Friends don’t let friends buy multi fam in Bay Area, let alone People’s Republic of San Francisco.


Come on now, do you really believe one can only make money in real estate from solely condo and SFH investing??? Some multi family play is essential. Sure, more risk but potentially more reward. Something small and reasonably manageable like this (2-5 units max).

7 cap in SF? Something is not right there. Big caution sign flashing red.

I used to avoid SF even for SFH and my love condo and TH. Considering I am dabbling in both it’s already a big step for me. My heart can’t take any more excitement…

That’s fair, but one can argue that one general location is easier to manage than 4 or 5 properties scattered all over Northern California too.

I am going to “favorite” this one anyway cuz I think it will go way higher anyway…

Well, well, well…my wifey is in the know and she heard this received many offers over asking and supposedly 3 offers were with 100% cash…no fear in multi buildings here, sir

Fools! Lots of fools! :slight_smile:

Come on, we asians (presumably) are not fools when it comes to real estate. That alone, is what has made us awesome nd at least acknowledged.

Short term fool could become long term genius. Time can correct your mistake

Yes, rent control jurisdiction but what say you @manch??? Cap rate supposedly 3.62% and price cut. 5 unit building in the Sunset. Come on, group buy (@wuqijun, @harriet)!!!

Go buy 3 condos instead. Better cashflow, higher quality tenants, less headache.

I saw this listing the other day; another noise polluted house less than half a block from the N. If I don’t want to live in it I ain’t buying it (even as a rental).

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From the pic, it doesn’t seem to be that close to the N line. What is that, at least 4 homes between you? Considering a SFH is 1M plus in the area I don’t think what they are asking now for a 5 unit building is that bad. Perhaps it was a tad expensive at the inital +2M price but this will sell eventually too. They all do.

Need to be at least a block away or else you’ll hear the metro rumbling all day long.

For now, true, but if I remember correctly the new Muni buses that are on their way are supposedly quieter. And besides, this is target rich for renters since it is a half block away from Muni. That is the selling point, not the noise potential. And you aren’t living there!!! A property like this, once you pay it down could be your income stream in retirement.

Here, since you like Eichlers why not a two story one???

It’s mad man worthy. Love it. But the price though… when will Facebook double again?

See you at the open house, Sir??? 54 - no death!!! Wow, how can you put a price on that???

Why do you love condos and THs more?

That’s often the only price effective way to buy something in a particular location. If you believe in “location, location, location” then you can’t automatically rule out condos and TH’s.

A good looking modern condo or TH also attracts the young professional tenants I most like. Less wear and tear, less drama and they are just more pleasant to deal with in general.

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