Unsupportive significant other

Hi. New here. I use an education program to learn more about real estate investing. My boyfriend is skeptical. He honestly doesn’t voice an opinion too much unless I share something with him. For instance I was showing him a video of my mentor being interviewed about the seals she’s done. He became angry because he felt she wasnt forthcoming enough about the creative strategies she used. He says he also wants to invest in real estate but COVID hit him hard. My question is this: how do you deal when you have a great person in your life (I mean he treats me like a queen) but he’s not “there” yet with you and cant see what you see?

Huh? Asking for marital advice in a RE forum? I have the opposite problem. My wife wants to buy a SFH as a Primary in 2007 which I told her that RE has peaked. She insisted. I obliged just to keep her happy. Happy wife happy life. Good?

it is good to be skeptical. Especially towards education programs. Many of those programs are offered to make money, selling more and more materials.

Around 2009, a friend dragged me once to one of those “free events” where some sort of celebrity was supposed to speak. IIRC, that person never showed up. Instead they tried to sign us up for boot camps, collections of books and CDs, personal coachings by the celebrity (via phone) etc.

I recall 1-on-1 conversation with one of their sales people. I was not willing to pay hundreds or thousands of for their offerings. He asked me rethorically "Do you not place any value on education?"

I paused. And I said “It is indeed hard for me to pay for education. I grew up in a country where universities are free, so I am used to free education.”. So that’s my personal hang-up.

Anyone considering to buy educational material (on RE investing), I recommend to read these:

This forum will give you better RE advice than any seminar. Look at Trump University. Pretty much sums up the whole quick get rich seminar in RE investing industry. Full of frauds, blowhards, cheats and liars. You are better off learning a trade like carpenter, electrician plumber and working your way up the ladder.
Get your RE license on the side. Many online courses are less than $500.