Update On BART Extension To Silicon Valley


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The $4.7-billion third phase remains unfunded. Targeted for completion in 2026, it would add three new subway stations west of Berryessa: Alum Rock, Downtown San Jose, and Diridon/Arena, and a new surface station in Santa Clara.

I remember a sales tax resolution to fund it. It passed. Where’d the money go?

Was that for Phase 2?

It was to connect to Diridon.

“Measure B aims to alleviate the region’s transportation headaches through a half-cent sales tax increase that is expected to generate $6.3 billion over three decades. A long list of projects, some modest and some massive, would benefit. They include completion of the BART extension by tunneling through downtown San Jose and into Santa Clara. That project, which would finally complete a rail loop around the bay, would use a quarter of the expected revenue and is slated for completion by 2025.”


What BS. They made it sound like it’d entirely fund the extension. It only funds $1.5B of the $4.7B cost. They’re going to come after more taxes to fund it. Public transportation has a horrible ROI. You spend billions to build a system that operates at an annual loss.

Now, it will complete in 2036 instead of 2026 and $2.6/2.9 Billion extra… LOL

Geez, take that money from Manch’s fast ass choo choo train… Done!!!

Yeah, I can see why people want the government to run healthcare. I guess it’d solve the spending issue when millions and millions die waiting for care. It’d fix the social security and Medicare shortfalls too. Maybe I should get onboard with supporting government run healthcare, since I have the means to still buy private healthcare.

This is so slow and inefficient. By the time the project is finished the needs and requirements would have changed and the world is a competitive place where slower loses.

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I saw this in the news. Watching the spokesperson spit out the news is both hilarious and ridiculous. I admire that she could keep a straight face when giving us the news that it’s going to be 10 years later than scheduled. She said with a simile on her face as if it were no big deal. She is good.

The ridiculous part is the increased spending has already been authorized long ago. That is amazing. So why were taxpayers duped into approving a larger-than-necessary spending bill that later becomes just-right after a 10-year delay? Does that look normal? After this 10-year delay is there more room in the already-approved authorization to allow for another 10-year delay and balloon in extra spending?


Normal. Usual practice by city. IMHO, always vote no to any infrastructural projects that need to be funded by taxes locally.

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These things are funded by “temporary” tax increases. I remember when Santa Clara County increased the sales tax to fund this. Those temporary increases become permanent. I think the way they word it they don’t need voter authorization to extend the tax increase as long as the project isn’t done. Voters are dumb AF and don’t even pay attention.

California’s higher income tax rates for the rich were supposed to be temporary too. That’s been extended and increased how many times now?