Update On Best Bay Area School Districts - Niche

Pleasanton is #5! Palo Alto #1 no surprise there.

No surprise SF is so low. Most of the public schools are not good at all, except for Lowell. I went to Washington and it was OK.

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I am biased since I grew up in the city but I still feel there are way more other factors that influence outcome. My buddy’s daughter just entered UCLA after going through SF public schools. I hear she is adjusting fine (probably having too much fun if anything).

True…but outside of a couple schools, SF is pretty bad. You have Lowell, Lincoln, Wash, Galileo, Wallenberg. I argue the rest are not great - Marshall, Mission, Burton, Balboa, etc.

You have a new one now, Gateway (Used to be Ben Franklin on Geary near Japan Town). That is where my buddy’s daughter went (didn’t even go to Lowell, but was at the top of her class).

Interesting…I guess being top of the class at a bad school can still get you to a top college. Wonder if that’s better than being middle of the pack at Lowell or SI.

I guess the results will speak for themselves right? I believe my buddy’s daughter did reasonably well in her first quarter in Westwood, so perhaps my advice to her to not slack off since quarters fly by stuck. I know she is having fun though since she said she was invited to some frat parties. My buddy is not happy…

Keep in mind that niche is generally ranking schools off of self-reported stats and anything they say should be taken with a grain of salt.

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As anything really, right?

No… There’s a huge difference between niche getting the stats on a school from the College Board (SAT) or ACT companies rather than having parents self-report. Self-reporting is selective at best and fictional at worst.

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Galileo is considered a good school now? Wow guess I am really out of it.

Best Bay Area High Schools (public and private) for STEM from your favorite whipping boy, Niche…


Glad to see my kid’s school is #5 in the list (#1 in public school) but I don’t trust Niche’s ranking based on students/parents’ survey.

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Yup. Neither do I.

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Yes, ladies…

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