Update On Best Places To Retire

…with affordable housing


Shitholes. Except Florida and San Antonio

Pittsburgh and Nashville that bad?

Ok if you are a white redneck. I doubt either would appeal to the forum crowd. Cold winters hot humid summers. Chinese food? Fugetaboufit

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And Florida good? When I heard they caught that bomber I didn’t need to read all the details and stupid spin; I stopped at “Florida man.” :slight_smile:

Well, a lunatic gunman can come from anywhere really. To me Florida is a no go only because of the hurricanes every year.

Well that leaves San Antonio. Very nice town. Much cheaper than Austin and better strip clubs. Hot humid summers. Need a Tahoe get away too.


I don’t speak Spanish so it’s not for me… :smile:

Sounds ok, but can’t be sporting my Warriors gear there…

Exactly :+1:
Most articles are written with Caucasian readers in mind :pensive:

The PF Chang’s in San Antonio is pretty good. That maybe the bomb for Chinese food there.

PF Chang is not chinese food. It’s American. :smiley:

If it has rice, I’ll take it… (beggars can’t be choosers…)

Tex Mex has rice. San Antonio is the king of Tex Mex and BBQ

According to some here, slap on some soy sauce over rice and you got yourself a gourmet Chinese meal…

:face_vomiting: and they claim that they are Chinese food aficionados :rofl:

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PF Chang is better than many real Chinese restaurants. Probably food is more healthy

Well, what fun would that be???:grinning: