Update On Hawaii RE Market


I saw some friends posting pictures from Hawaii, in long-sleeve shirts and pants. So I checked the weather in Hawaii now. Day high is in low 60s and at night it drops to high 40s. Is this usually that cold? This is silicon valley temperature. No wonder they are not posting kids’ swimming pictures.

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It depends where you are. Lots of micro climate .

Interesting. I didn’t think of that. I tried a few cities including Kailua on the big island and you are right that they are much warmer. I wonder which location’s weather is being shown when I selected Hawai’i then.

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I was in Maui last month. The weather was gorgeous, almost a bit too hot for me. 80s most of the time. The sun was strong. Wish I knew how to swim! :slightly_frowning_face:

I believe Oahu already did this. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Families like mine - especially during Covid - do not want to stay in hotels. We’re looking for a quiet vacation, not screaming hallways. We essentially paid extra money to rent a place for a month but stay for a week because rentals can only have one renter a month.

My guess is that some people, especially rich people, will simply buy a property and then never stay in it because they want to vacation in a house. Doesn’t lower the property cost at all. If houses are cheap to rent, then people will just rent them.

PS: "We have way too many tourists for our infrastructure to handle and we’re trying to stabilize the situation,” "

Cap the number of cars a rental car agency can have and it’ll solve the problem very quickly…

My vacation ends tomorrow on the big island. Fabulous place. Did a lot of snorkeling and hiking.
I thought Hawaii (particularly Hilo)would be top of the list for retirees but it doesn’t seem like it when I do a search. I guess Florida is cheaper even if it’s more humid.

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Larry Ellison’s Lanai Isn’t for You—or the People Who Live There

The Oracle billionaire is making his Hawaiian island more hospitable to the super-rich and pushing out families that have been there for generations.

Ban billionaires from buying excessive land. Hawaii belongs to the tourists, don’t belong to Mark and Larry.