Update On Slack

I use Slack at work and it has been invaluable.

It increases the pressure to be more accessible and to be “on” 24 hours a day.

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Ok, there goes that “work-life balance” thingy that we all are striving for…

Who is going to buy Slack? I don’t see them staying as independent company for too long…

Still don’t see what’s so great about Slack. It’s basically a glorified version of Hipchat (now Stride) which has been around for years. Slack should be thankful for Atlassian’s negligence on further developing Hipchat early on.

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Breadth and depth of usage are all that matter for them right now. I know a few medium sized companies that are on this at all times.

Wal-Mart to give wide rollout to Facebook’s Slack rival

Facebook is the natural fit to buy out Slack.

I was going to post this under the Apple thread but Mr. Austin might get upset…

Any rumors/news on when will Slack go IPO? Is it worthwhile or even possible to buy pre-IPO shares via EquityZen?

Hipchat is gone. Merging with slack.

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Atlassian really missed out on that one.

Slack Actively Preparing for Early 2019 IPO

Sweet, Fab 7x7 owners!!!

You work at slack?


Don’t think Miss Wu work there.


Oh, is Wu our fav millennial’s last name??? Need to do some research…

Yoda is the king of fake news.

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