Update On Tesla High Tech Solar Roofs


I want to put solar on my farm house. Best deal?
Need two systems one for the barn one for the house


The best deal is to buy directly into a solar farm through PG&E. They are located in areas where you get much more electricity from the panels. Then you get what’s called “net billing”. You get a credit for electricity from the panels netted against the electricity you use. Plus, as long as you move on the PG&E grid then the credits move with you. If you sell a house, you don’t get to keep the solar panels on it.


What is it called?


I’m not sure. One of my friends did it through PG&E. I’m sure they have info on their website.


Solar choice? Wouldnt you still pay for the electric transmission for pge, which is not insignificant?


I’m not sure. He researched every option and said it was the best deal by a pretty wide margin.



(very limited choice currently)


I prefer to own my own panels and they do add value when you sell. But thanks for the intriguing suggestion.
I had a 5kw system in Redwood City. Paid for itself in 7 years. Added value upon sale. The buyer was impressed that the meter ran backwards


Really? I never thought people calculated the value of a solar panel given that bidding happens (Next guy is giving yours + 100k, then all that value is a wash).


Unique RWC property . The buyer had a Tesla and solar. Plus he wanted a guest house. Only had two bids. Not like PA


Plus since I am buying a rental property I can expense the cost the first year.


Is it not something to depreciate over years?


The new tax law allows expensing improvements the first year of service



Tesla paid $2.6B to buy solar city then cut the sales team and are letting sales decline. What was the point of buying it other than bailing out his cousins and himself?


Well, what do you expect when your fearless leader is seen on the WWW smoking a joint???