Update On Tesla High Tech Solar Roofs



Prototypes, new thing, stay away. Unless for free. :smiley:


Well, I am not so much worried about them failing as I am about when the consumer is actually going to get them. Remember, we have folks still waiting for their Model 3s…


What I meant is that they are a new thing. To me, they will get better, I don’t think this is going to be a final tile.
I think it is good to wait until the people who are trying them on their roofs come back with a blessing.


Hey, are you suggesting my products are faulty? So, I am a little bit late…




Come on sir!

Be patient, I am going to send one of my qualifying clients to Mars. Wait, wait, wait…




Why be a beta tester…especially on a roof?


Not to say it would be his M.O. but Elon could offer a discount or some sort of performance or minimum guarantee of how much energy you would get. You’re right, roofing is expensive so how is Elon going to get the masses to adapt it? Buy a roof get a Model 3 or discount on it???:laughing:


Buy a roof and you’ll be the monkey they send to Mars on one of their exploding rockets!


There is a reason why I continue to drive a 25+ year car vs buying one of Elon’s babies…


Are you going to survive in the unfortunate/unanticipated situation of an accident? :slight_smile:


I did…on 880 no less (different CRX, drunk driver)…

I appreciate the thought, but I only drive it within city streets mostly for commuting purposes. I rarely have the urge to drive it to my Fremont rental, but I have on occasion wanted to wind it some so I will drive all the way there. Besides, gives the tenants a supporting reason for a rent increase…:grinning:


An acquaintance of mine survived without a scratch on a 6 month old highlander, while the other guy will probably live with permanent injury. According to the police he survived mostly due to his excellent vehicle.

He immediately replaced his totaled highlander with a new one.


I do like driving my 4runner when transporting my wife or elderly mom around. Yeah, def more sturdy despite the poor gas mileage. Last night, I saw that story about that man (Asian) who was robbed in Berkeley. He wouldn’t give up willingly his backpack because his master’s thesis work was in there. He finally fesses up that yeah it hit him after Day 3 that he could have been killed over what? I suppose I can give up the small car but it is very practical (small spaces out there) and sips gas…


Love my new Highlander. Definitely feels safer than the Prius and 4Runner… lots of new safety features


Gas is probably ugly but safety…


My BP stock dividends pay for the gas


Yes, but my surfboards were perfect!!!


At this point, they should start taking pre-orders for flying cars that’ll be available in the year 2100. You can reserve one for your future grand kids.


Can they be made invisible ?