Update On The World's Most Unaffordable Housing

we have a long way to go to reach 19 times.

True, but SJ is 10x and SF is 9x…bad enough no??? In fact, I would argue that is not the main issue. The main issue is lack of inventory actually!!! We have plenty of buyers wanting to get into the game…

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i was in hk back in november, and ppl are waiting in line, big ass long long line to purchase $18-20,000 a sq ft apartment. People in asia think our house is hella cheap and while we think we’re way way way overprice. Maybe US people are just damn poor(remember that article say over 50% of american don’t have 500 buck emergency fund).

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Yeah, well, keep in mind that the Bay Area is kinda special and pretty expensive compared to middle America. But yeah, if one was already bitching about the market, I suppose HK is laughing at you…

It is about the lack of inventory. Politics pure and simple.
Until the 99% start picketing the BD of Stupes and rioting at city hall demanding more housing they will concentrate on their own pet issues like sanctuary cities…

Why not? Dreamers decided to protest outside Shumer’s house in Brooklyn. You’d think that’d have gotten more media attention or maybe an impromptu ICE raid. It’s amazing that people that are here illegally are protesting about wanting more rights.