Updated Property Tax Rankings By State

Sorry to remind you that you have another month or so before needing to pay that 2nd property tax bill(s)…


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Ranking by the last column is the most useful comparison, Annual tax on a property at state median home value.

You pay a property tax, not property tax rate. The total dollar amount is the real number, tax rate and property value can be manipulated and it’s hard to compare.

Alamaba has the lowest property tax, average homeowner only pays $543 property tax a year

God, I would kill for that…

All you have to do is move. No risk of jail time.

Property tax in Mexico is basically 0

I will change the thread title for future updating…


Tax rate is not as important as actual tax paid…California rates are low but costs are high because of high values…Somehow all the money is wasted on pensions and bureacrats


No more Texas has the high tax rate talk?

Texas has high rates when compare the same priced properties. 2.5 times California. So high it skews values, same with maintenance costs. But from a macro statewide budget issue California collects a lot more tax per capita

For an individual, we care about state income tax + property tax + sale tax, which one is more favorable?

Doesn’t matter unless you chose to live in Texas. High property taxes and maintenance to me are a deal killer. I have developed property in Texas, sold and got out… the best way to get high IRR in Texas

In Texas, people are more interested in making high income than buying rentals.

In California, people are more interested in buying rentals than earning high income.

Taxation can affect people’s behavior.

Interesting proposition :grinning: Anyone second this line of thought?

The Texans I know are more interested in Strip clubs, bbq and country music.