Upgrade Accident

Don’t know what got into me, but I decided to finally upgrade the Ubuntu distribution of the Forum server on a Friday night. Bad mistake…


The original Ubuntu distribution was Version 14. It has fallen off support for a few years already. The current version is 22… Massive jump. Well, I stumbled at the jump and was forced to restore from a backup 10 days ago. Good news is we are finally on the latest and greatest Ubuntu and I swear I won’t upgrade for another 5 years. Bad news is that all the posts written in the last 10 days are gone forever.

Take this as an opportunity to forget all the bad things we said to each other in the last 10 days.


Super tired. Off to bed now.


Thank you for maintaining this site! maybe Jil will come back? :wink:


Thanks Manch!

Let’s meet up in Malaysia one day for a nice, refreshing dessert on me!


Thank for keeping the site on, @manch. The badge I earned probably a month back says it all.


Upgrading the OS in place is a terrible idea. I should have just gotten a new server instance with the latest software and restore a much more recent Forum backup.

Lesson learned.


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It’s ok. Happens to all of us. This is why my laptop is out of date too.