US acting like a banana republic


The president’s little princess is speaking at a “business roundtable” with the CEO of JP Morgan, one of the biggest banks in the world… why? "The lobbying group is looking to influence policy during the second half of President Donald Trump’s term. "


It’s a nice business roundtable. Makes me grow very confident about the American business and economic outlook as opposed to the doom and gloom constantly portrayed by posters here.


Communication is better than no communication. Trump was alone and nobody was interested in working in the White House. And some of them are working against him. At least ivanka can be trusted


Having daddy’s little girl speaking at this makes a mockery of America’s spirit of self-made entrepreneurship and meritocracy.

I didn’t know I had migrated to a banana republic.



Trump has been working in the family business all his life. His closest working partners are his family members.

Also there is a talent shortage since many talented people are too scared to work for him. Seems that late Bush is hoping to get more talents to Trump instead of the fierce confrontation from McCain


If you expect an honest response from kissing Trump’s ground supporters on this forum, believe me, you won’t. For instance, the ignorance they spell is incredible.

Do they know about a president stepping away from owning anything that can bring ethical conflict with the constitution as the famous Carter did selling his farm? Do they know about Nepotism?

They share their racist policies, even though if they looked themselves in the mirror, they will be mocked by him.

They don’t seem to understand that the white house is being used as a flea market of favoritisms and back door deals. All and any guy being hired, and fired, is working for the industry that wants the department they manage to be gone. Ain’t that stupid?

The liar in chief promoting supporter’s books right from the very presidential table where all the important laws are signed. His “princess” as you call her, the Nepotism ambassador, sitting next to Xi, and other important figures coming to the white house to talk about trade, commerce, industrial advances, but she is not there to take notes, no she is there taking numbers and contact information to make a deal when they travel overseas with our taxpayers money.

The liar said he never had deals with Russia. Except for that what? $50 million unit to be given to his handlers in Russia.

Total ignorance of the laws and the constitution. Are these US Citizens?