US economy

Recession and deflation are scary?

RE becomes affordable, valuation of stocks become reasonable, prices of good and services become reasonable, … Should be good for consumers :slight_smile:

Unemployment? Only for white collar, blue collar would be hardly affected and may even see wages keep going up. Guess those white collar should go into blue collar jobs.

I said months ago that when inflation unwinds it’ll be spectacular. I’m not sure we’re there quite yet, but I think Q1 of next year.

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That’s been true for almost a generation. People in the trades do better than people in the professions. We need fewer universities and more trade schools.

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5 + @manch wishing for soft landing.

Don’t see any tradesmen jobs on this list of best paying jobs.

The top jobs listed all need medical degrees, something beyond the capabilities of lots of people. And I’ve never met a political scientist earning six figures. For comparison look at plumbers. Forget the average; that’s entry level. Scroll down to what top companies are paying.

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