US in virtual tie for #1 oil producer

Wow, I didn’t realize how much environmentalists killed oil drilling in this country.

Meanwhile, our consumption was increasing and we handed billions and billions of dollars over to the middle east via oil imports. Environmentalists literally created the financial power than exists in the middle east.


TY OBAMA!! :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Here you go… FACTS & note the dates JAN 2016 & DEC 2015


To be fair, it was congress that had to lift the ban on exporting oil. How did oil production increase so much under Obama? I know it was mostly the shale boom, but I’m amazed the EPA wasn’t used to prevent it.

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  1. Republicans needed Democratic votes to pass it in congress.
  2. Obama could have vetoed it. Without Presidential nod such regulations cannot muster enough votes generally.

:slight_smile: there you go!!


President Obama was mainly pragmatic (one reason I liked him so much), his idea of energy independence was all of the above. let’s push the envelope on everything (tho’ you could argue the coal bit was lip service and the industry itself was dying out to cost inefficiencies)


How can you, calling yourself “smart” push the coal agenda?

That industry is in decline!

Oh, it was for votes and the poor guys needing those jobs lost everything, no jobs, no more coal mines opening by the hundreds or thousands. I get it. :roll_eyes:

Way to post something completely unrelated.

Meet the Shalennials: CEOs Under 40 Making Millions in Texas Oil

Cody Campbell and John Sellers, 36, have made over $500 million. Dozens more follow in their footsteps flipping oil leases.

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