USA is the world 2nd tax haven


USA is the world 2nd tax haven

  1. Switzerland
  2. USA
  3. Cayman Islands
  4. HK
  5. Singapore

“While the United States has pioneered powerful ways to defend itself against foreign tax havens, it has not seriously addressed its own role in attracting illicit financial flows and supporting tax evasion,” the report said. The authors criticised the US for its “independent-minded approach” to cracking down on tax evasion, money laundering and financial crime.

Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming were highlighted as hot spots for secretive “shell” companies, with nominee officers and directors who serve as a front for the actual, hidden owners.


Is it only a tax haven for foreigners? I guess it’s not a tax haven for Californians


Very interesting… would not have expected US to be so high (compared to some of the usual suspects always mentioned like Cayman or Switzerland)


It can be a very effective way to attract capital and make America rich


That’s a well known fact. Once again USA is a big fat hypocrite.

I can’t wait til China becomes big enough to act as a counterweight to US. We need more than one big powers.


Delaware for sure.