Using Virtual Reality In Home Renovations

Ok, this would be cool (once matured) to be able to “see” a major home renovation before you pluck down a pretty penny…

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I model all my stuff in sketchup first to see how it will look

Hmmm, for a $100 this might be handy on a large project…

“Compared to using SketchUp, which is also a great tool, Envisioneer made building models and floor plans so easy. The roof tool was simple to use and make modifications to the model. Trying to do the same in SketchUp could take hours or days to complete. I certainly would recommend it to my associates in the trade. The cost of outsourcing design, plans, and drawings becomes prohibitive, especially when you make changes for yourself or your clients. Seeing the completed 3D models really helps realize what the project is going to look like. I’ve tried a competitor’s version of architectural design and layout application. Cadsoft has outshined them in customer support and training aids. The money spent is well worth the benefits. I am very happy with my decision to upgrade to Professional.”

The property brothers have been doing that for years.

No doubt, but I was thinking that kind of software was unavailable to the regular joe/jane or it was really expensive. Now that we know that a retail version of it is $100 that may be worth getting before you get too far in that major gut job remodel…

Sketchup is free tho. Making a roof should not take “hours or days” unless you are retarded. I could do each individual truss and shingle given days, but the point of a model is that you don’t need to see behind the walls. We aren’t doing engineering simulations.

This is becoming new trend now.