Vallejo is Nation's Hottest Market!

SF #4 and @elt1’s new fav Stockton #5.

Sorry @sheriff the city SJ is slipping from #13 to #15… got beaten by Detroit!!

Santa Cruz is getting hot. Jumping from #15 all the way to #8. @ptiemann

Yuba City at #11?? What? Eureka at #18? Are there even jobs up there?

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South lake tahoe should be on the list but is included in the Sac MSA…Just raised the rent on an empty apt from $900 to $1300…rented in 3 days. …added $50k in market value at a 10cap rate…The building should be at a 10 cap by the end of the year…The exburbs are on fire…min wage increases are kicking in…my tenants all work min wage…to $15/hr…waiters, janitors, service industry, casino workers, ski resort, maids…even Nevada casinos have to pay $10/hr…nobody will work for less…Even Nevada is taken with Bernieism…

God, didn’t I start a string in May that suggested we go fixer hunting in Vallejo? In those few months, we would have made money already before the masses come through from this new story…

Anyone investing in Reno? 4hrs away from the bay. Multiple tech companies moving there. Sounds better than Lake Tahoe? Any reason not to invest there? Only negative side I see is if the RE market tanks, reno might not be able to pull itself up by the bootstrings

Old news…should have bought 2 years ago in Reno…rents are high…Carson City might have more chance for appreciation. …freeway extension almost done, will cut commute time…Tahoe has zero vacancies right now…Much nicer place to live and closer to the BA…big problem with Nevada. .no barriers to entry. …builders can over build and undercut you…will never happen in Tahoe…only allow 80 houses per year to be built in all of the Lake Tahoe cities combined…zero growth rate …no apartments being built…just a few highend condos

Vallejo is back at #1!!!

Tiny little CO has 3 entries in the top 20, and 2 in the top 10. Seattle no show?? Austin? Portland??

See how CA, our fair state, crushes competition. Central Valley has a very strong showing.

Last year, Austin cools down quite a bit, prices hardly change after double digit jumps in 2014 and 2015.

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If you had vision, you would have made tons of $ if you went investing from the outskirts of the bay area to the very core. But no! You went from the inside to the outside.

Now, I’ve seen that sentiment before. People cashing in after selling their condos and whatnot in the bay area (San Jose) flew to the outskirts, but with the noble/stupid idea that they would double their money at the very peak of the market, right months before the last crash.

Again (Vallejo, Fab 7x7 and San Ho representing in the Top 10). Now, how does Sacramento drop in one month from numero uno to seven???

More Vallejo love…

If Vallejo is hot why not further up 80? How about Fairfield?

Sure, fill it all up between Vallejo and Sacto…At some point though, commute costs/time have to factor into the buying decision out there in the burbs. We know about BART and its propensity to want to jack up fares by paying “hard working” janitors even more…

Vallejo is a great place to buy cheap, cash flow positive condos. Not manors.

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Seattle is expanding its ferry system too. They are adding more pedestrian only ferries which are twice as fast as ferries that carry cars.

San Diego and Los Angeles might be a better buy than Villejo.