Visualizing the Global Millionaire Population


Stick with neural numerical terms.

10m - 99m: decamillionaire
100m - 999m: centimillionaire


I prefer being a mega millionaireā€¦ donā€™t want to be just a mere millionaireā€¦ lol


Definitions of UHNWIs is either $20 mil or $30 mil, no consensus :grinning:
Most define net worth as investable asset excluding owner-occupied house, some include.


Excluding a house is a red herring. If you own the house it is more important than a highly leveraged liability.


To me just lising San Jose and SF without including all the outlining areas where the wealth is, it is meaningless.


Referring to the article or my comments? Median is a macro info and a gauge of the overall picture, for individuals making decision on specific house, not much use. That is, it does have meaning just not for us.


The article.


Retiring with just one million in the BA will put you near poverty level. Where as being a millionaire in most places in the world would put you in the top 1percentā€¦


Millionaires are millionaires because they have their money in their hands and can count it on a daily basis.

I was going to join that list but I missed the Powerball jackpot for only 5 numbers. :smiley: