Vote for John Cox and Steve Bailey


Becerra is spending all his time suing Trump meanwhile crime is rampant. Cox wants builders to be able to build instead of crippling the building industry with Prop 10

Bailey is my friend. Time to get a friend of the building industry into the number 2 job in the State.


As long as John Cox and Steven Bailey are against Prop 10, everyone should vote for them.

Also we need political balance in Sacramento. One party rule is against our democracy.


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I’m voting for Cox.

I tend to vote conservative in local elections, and more liberal in national elections.


Great strategy. California Republican Party needs to be saved


Even Newsom is against 10. But the Democratic Party endorsed it. That means no one on this forum should vote for Democrats. The socialists have hijacked the Democrats. Republicans will benefit


In California, the republican party is the middle of the road and the CA democratic party is a bunch of wackos too far to the left.

This is in contrast to the national level, where the democratic party is more middle of the road and the national republican party has been hijacked by a bunch of wackos too far to the right.


Makes sense because California is the farthest left state. But the Bernie Socislist wing is national and a threat to all of us.
Bernie was always an independent. He joined the Democrats to drive it left . He did and ended up helping Trump get elected. Great job Bernie, what a great American :face_vomiting:


Latest from Bernie’s utopia/“American dream” Venezuela

These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the banana republic now?


Vote to repeal gas tax - To send a message to the Democratic party -“Profligate spending i.e. tax and spend cannot continue forever”


Bernie’s a refugee from the 1960s. An unapologetic communist. For millennials with no sense of history and the old drug addled hippies he was cute. His politics are dangerous and divisive. He never had a concrete plan to accomplish any of his goals.
Strictly a gadfly on the sidelines throwing bombs.

His main goal was to destroy Hillary. He did that at the expense of the whole country. I pray that Ttump actually gets a few things accomplished. He has some good ideas. But his methods and tactics are deplorable.


I agree 100%.


Steve Bailey owns commercial property in the BA. He was an eviction attorney and very friendly as a judge to landlords in South Lake Tahoe. We need him as Attorney General instead the current socialist.

He is very concerned the left will try to defeat prop 13 especially for commercial property.


Hispanic politicians religiously support strict rent control, and they control most of the important party functions in California Democratic Party. They can push their agendas against voters.

Prop 10 endorsement is a disgrace for the party.

California Democratic Party ignores voters and treat voters as garbage


Becerra is a political hack. A Congressman for years. Hasn’t practiced law for 25 years. Only cares about liberal politics not crime and punishment ( his job)
He is just using the job as a stepping stone to governorship

State law requires the attorney general to have been “admitted to practice” before the state Supreme Court for five years before taking office. Early claimed in his petition that Becerra cannot serve because after he was admitted to the bar in 1985, he was listed as “inactive” from 1991 to 2017.

Bailey is a retired judge and a working lawyer who believes in the death penalty.


I am voting John Cox for California Governor.



Click picture for more info

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The “yes” campaign has been almost entirely funded by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, records show. The Los Angeles nonprofit, led by Weinstein, has a history of spearheading and underwriting initiative battles in California and elsewhere. The organization gave almost $18 million in cash to an Ohio drug-pricing campaign in 2016 and another $23 million to two California ballot measures that year related to adult films and prescription drugs, according to California campaign finance records and Ballotpedia. It also poured over $5 million into a 2017 initiative to restrict development in Los Angeles. All four of those measures failed.


This is why politics is dumb. It should be decided by logic and facts. Instead, it’ll be decided by whoever’s ads get voters to respond the most emotionally for their side. That’s a recipe for a stupid decision.