Wait, Are We For Or Against Sexual Harrassment?

Hard to tell, when companies practically encourage bad behavior…


This year’s Uber party is gonna be wild…


That’s pretty pathetic. Pretty girls paid to pretend they’re interested in talking to nerds.

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Now, now, now, there will be pretty boys there too…not discriminating!!!

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Then you’d end up with the models just talking to each other and the employees awkwardly huddled in the corner.

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Come on, there are soooome women in SV, right???

There are some women but are the male models going to be that interested in them?

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You’re inviting retaliation from Harriet.

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Of course, (1) that is their job and (2) even pretty boys could use sugar mommies…

(sorry, it is non PC Friday)


Hey, even @harriet has needs…:wink:

Why would I do that? I am not narrow-minded.

There’s a misconception that only women get harassed.

I once was harassed by my boss. This girl boss would never, ever give me a Saturday or Sunday off for 2 years, nothing wrong, right? But I was always the one to unload the truck, I am a 5:5 tall guy, while others with a muscular complexity would take it easy. Weekends off? No! But others would get it as requested. She said I was the best for my job, which I swallowed line, hook and sinker.

Years later, out of that place for good, my coworkers, some of them very intimate with that girl told me she hated me for being Hispanic. And, because in our jokes, of which she participated in good laughing moments, she assumed my “feet” were too small. :face_with_monocle:

Uh, when does the sex part of the harrassment come up in your specific case??? :grinning:


Doubtful. The 5% of employee-women at the party are already taken. No need to bother.

His “feet” were too small.

Although… shouldn’t you only have one?

Good grief. Just reading the article. They have to pretend to be employees, can’t give out their contact info, errr company email address… There’s gotta be a better way…

Why don’t we only hire employees who have interesting SOs. Plenty of women who are eager to chat at parties are spouses.

Office romance is just lawsuit waiting to happen. Besides doesn’t it benefit the company if employees stay single, eat dinners at cafeteria and generally have no family and social life?

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That’s why robots will take over human jobs. Because robots don’t even need to eat dinner at the cafeteria in addition to no family and social life. Big time savings!!! :rofl:


Sexual harassment?

This is your president girls. Yes, the vulgar president telling a woman she would sleep with him for $ donations.

Aren’t you proud of your guy? I bet you are…:face_with_monocle: