Walk 5 miles to work at 5am every week day

Jack Dorsey is really working hard. Maybe you guys can buy SQ or TWTR.

Sell your cars and use your foot and legs

Science disagrees with you.

@manch, you have forgotten about your IQ list. Smart people are not the rich ones. Any1 with an IQ equal or higher than a professor won’t be rich :face_with_monocle:

Do I need to dumb myself down? :smile:

Isn’t that why you manage this place :grin:

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On average, people who are less physically active tend to be brainier than physically active people, according to a 2015 study published in the Journal of Health Psychology. Researchers even developed a fancy description for “laziness” — they call it "need for cognition.

Laziness is not lack of physical activity. Laziness is neglecting both mental and physical activity.

I’m disappointed in the quality of this article. Please do better next time.

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I’m smart and rich. A rare combination :relieved:

Liberals think Trump is fat, lazy and stupid… Seems to work well for a billionaire

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Seems that people don’t even understand what’s is laziness


Plenty of people work out everyday - walking 5 miles is nothing special. It’s all about discipline.

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I thought it’s about working smart not working hard? :smile:

Work smart and hard.

Walking 5 miles is not working hard. I bet you Jack treats walking as his active meditation.

Dude got ridiculed mercilessly for his meditation trip to Burma.

I’ve always been a huge advocate of scalable processes that utilize automation or at least as little user input as possible. I’ve literally had bosses who didn’t like it, since the team isn’t working long hours like before. I’m always amazed how many people view time intensive weekly or monthly processes as a badge of honor. Sorry, but if you spend every Monday on the same report or set of metrics, then you should be fired.


Damned if you do, heart attack if you don’t.