Want To Be Happy? Go To Minnesota

Despite the high home prices, Cali came in 4th…

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I could live in Utah or Hawaii… Minnesota is known to be one of the fattest least fit states… Fat and happy…

One needs the blubber during the cold winters…

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My ex-SV tenants fed up with San Jose and moved to Minnesota. Bought house there for $450k. Said they are paying less now and happier. But yes, they are both obese… :smile:

It’s great if you are into ice fishing… lol

I used to wear tight pants and went jogging in -40 degree weather in Minnesota. Much fitter than today. :slight_smile:

How old were you ? Running on ice is not advisable for us old folks… I will stick with downhill skiing … impossible in Minnesota

I was in college back then… :smile: I am too old to do that now… :cry:

What? You mean you were the true creator of Lululemon pants? I would on the phone to my lawyer…:laughing: